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8 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

Guys wish girls could just be straightforward so they wouldn’t have to be reading this article, figuring out and trying to guess if a girl has a crush on you, but good thing you have Outlandisher that looks out for you.  Luckily psychology has a say on how this works and the crazy part is that girls will throw signs that they like you and have a crush on you and you don’t even realize it. I guarantee you right now all of you reading this you have at least one to two or maybe even three girls that have a crush on you today, I’m going to show you the signs to look at to know who around you secretly likes you, let’s hop into it.

Number one: is what I call the hot and cold man; Girls always play with dudes’ heads but you tell me how many times have you been close to a girl, things are going great, you feel the passion the tensions, you guys want to rip your clothes off at least in your head, everything’s rocking and rolling, you’re thinking this girl definitely wants me but as soon as other people get to the classroom or get to the party, she starts acting cold, the reality is that she does secretly like you, you are on the right track and the reason she gets cold is that she wants to see if you’re going to put any effort to pursue her, she doesn’t want other people knowing because of fear of rejection.

Number two: she only replies to your stories however she’ll never like a post or maybe even comment on a post, she likes you. This is like the golden rule of attraction, women never text or initiate a conversation first and if you ever get a girl that does that, you can rest assured that this girl likes you.

Number three: the double text; this is when she was the last person to text you, you didn’t respond back and after a minute she texted you again, that’s the double text, this just shows how much interest she has in talking to you and I’m telling you no girl would expose herself like that with a double text if she wasn’t genuinely interested in you. You got that girl weak to her knees.

Number four: she initiates the contact; this person that you’re thinking of as you’re reading this article, does she ask you for your phone number so you guys can study together sometime or catch up sometime or maybe she was the first one to follow you on social media or maybe she’s the one that always smiles at you first and says hi, whatever it is if she is the one initiating any sort of communication this girl secretly likes you. She just hasn’t told you yet.

Number five: you catch her fixing herself up; this is subtle but you got to be you, got to be like an eagle, you got to be like a sniper; when you walk into that party, into that room, into the classroom, wherever she is. I want you out of your peripheral vision to notice what happens as soon as your presence gets closer to her if you notice her stand up straight or she starts fixing her hair or she fixes her shirt whatever sort of micro grooming tactic she does every time you approach her, just know this girl likes you.

Number six: she just acts differently around you, now this one’s also subtle if you notice her act a certain way when you’re not there but as soon as you approach that circle, she automatically switches up. for example, she’s either super talkative when you’re not there but when you get there she’s shy or vice versa, she might be super shy but when you get there she’s super loud and craving attention. If you see a personality shift when you approach, it’s because she’s trying to change herself to somehow attract you, so if you notice that, chances are she secretly likes you.

That’s basically it for today’s article. Those are six signs that I want you to start deploying right now and start to think, start the process. I guarantee you will have one, two maybe even three girls who secretly like you and you don’t even know about it.

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