Top 50 Famous YouTubers that died Unexpectedly

We’re seeing a lot more YouTubers die. And since they often have a much more connected audience than traditional celebrities, it makes many ask the question of what happens when that takes place. this is a question that crosses my mind very often. So we, at Outlandisher, spent hundreds of hours looking for the top famous youtubers that died . We’ll all be discovering the story of every single one of them.

YouTubers that died young

Our favorite YouTuber’s death constitute a choke for us. Though we subscribed to their channel and keep following them daily on social media, we, most of the time, think that they’re just taking a break from the internet and they’ll come back soon, but then we hear the news of their passing.

Many famous YouTubers died young. Some passed away as they were filming their videos, and some were involved in fatal accidents, while others suffered from cancer. Quite a few of them took their own lives. You might be surprised by who you will find on this list of YouTubers that died.

Greg Plitt

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youtubers that died

Greg Plitt was a bodybuilder, writer and YouTuber. After serving as a US Army Ranger for five years, Greg moved to Los Angeles and became a personal trainer. Quickly gaining Fame with a series of self-training books.

Greg was also featured in several men’s health magazines and acted in commercials for products such as Old Spice. He was so well known for physical fitness that his body was even used as a reference for the character of Dr. Manhattan in the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s famous comic series Watchmen.

In 2015 Greg was struck by an oncoming train while filming a self-produced fitness video. He died instantly on impact.

Charlie Green Jr.

youtubers that died TheAngryGrandpaShow

Charlie Green Jr. was an internet personality who rose to fame with his character called angry grandpa. the channel, TheAngryGrandpaShow, was started in 2007 and soon found success by making videos in which he reacted in an over-the-top and angry manner to various things.

The most popular videos were the ones in which he was pranked by his son Michael. People flocked to these videos due to the sheer dedication that Green had for his craft; he would often smash objects like: microwaves and video game consoles if he thought it would improve a video.

On top of that, he was also banned for multiple stores and restaurants throughout his hometown due to his angry outbursts for content.

Sadly, after a decade-long career on YouTube, Charlie Green passed away due to complications from a liver condition. After his death, countless YouTube and mainstream celebrities alike came together to mourn the loss of one of the Internet’s biggest stars.

Monty Oum

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youtubers that died

Monty Oum was a popular online animator and writer known mainly for his work on the website Rooster Teeth. He got his start in 2002 shortly after dropping out of high school.

Monty took 3D models of several different video games, and would use them to make short videos depicting characters from several different franchises, including Halo Metroid and Final Fantasy fighting. These videos quickly caught the eye of several big-name video game companies. Monty will quickly find himself working as an animator for Studios such as Midway Games and Bandai Namco for the next few years.

In 2009 Monty was approached by Rooster Teeth which offered him a job animating for the series Red vs. Blue, which he happily agreed to. It was during his time at roosterteeth that Monty pitched his idea for an original series called Ruby, an anime inspired series with heavy influences from fantasy and folklore.

The series was greenlit and soon became a hit, garnering many fans and still producing new episodes to this very day.

On January 22nd 2015, Monti was rushed to the hospital after falling into a coma due to an allergic reaction to a shot he had received. Despite doctors doing all they could to save him, Monti sadly and suddenly passed away a little over a week later on February 1st.

There have been many tributes to Monty’s life and legacy in ruby since his passing, such as a song in the show sixth season, and memorials being placed in both seasons 3 & 7.

Keith Ratliff

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FPSRussia was a channel started in 2010 by Kyle Myers, who in his videos would often play the character of a Russian man named Dmitri. His video showcased Kyle shooting off several different types of often absurd and over-the-top firearms, while speaking in a Russian accent.

The supplier of these weapons was Keith Ratliff, who was the owner of a gun store as well as being Kyle’s good friend and business partner. the two seemed to be doing very well for themselves, accumulating millions of views and subscribers, but all of this would be cut short

On January 6th 2013, when Keith was found dead from a bullet wound in his gun store. his death certainly threw a cog into the works for FPSRussia as the channel went on a brief hiatus until February of that year.

Police continue to investigate the crime, but the identity of kete Ratliff’s killer remains a mystery to this very day.

Steve Cash

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youtubers that have died

Steve Cash created his channel in November of 2007, with the primary goal of showcasing his musical talent to the world. However, his life would change forever when he made a video entitled: “Wake up kitty!” in which he engaged in a funny back and forth with his feline Sylvester by replacing the sound of her meows with high-pitched voice overs.

The episodes began to bring in more and more views. Soon enough, the entire channel was renamed from STEVECASH83 to Talking Kitty Cat. These videos brought laughter to millions of fans from the first episode in March of 2008, to its unplanned final episode in December of 2019.

On April 16th 2020, Steve tragically took his own life by shooting himself in the chest. While Steve had previously addressed his struggles with mental health, his disposition was so upbeat and cheerful and his content – that many fans were taken aback by the grim news. He survived by his wife, dog, and of course his creative partner Sylvester.

Stevie Ryan

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youtubers that died

Stevie Ryan was a youtuber known mainly for making sketch comedy and parody videos. Eventually, these videos gained the attention of the network VH1, which in 2010,  gave Stevie her very own sketch comedy show entitled Stevie TV, which lasted for two seasons.

She continued getting occasional work in the entertainment industry until July 1st 2017, when she was found dead in her home in an apparent suicide. This happened shortly after the passing of her grandfather. A loss which she stated on social media was especially devastating.

Talia Castellano

Talia Castellano - yotubers that died
youtubers that have died

Talia Castellano was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at the age of 7. After finding out she was sick, she began using makeup as a comforter. Later on, she realized it was her passion.

At 9 years old, she began filming short makeup tutorials in her bedroom and uploading them to YouTube, which the internet soon fell in love with.

Within months, her channel had achieved millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Her popularity was only further boosted when she appeared on The Ellen Show and pulled the heartstrings of watchers across America.

Sadly, Thalia passed away due to her sickness on July 16th 2013, at the age of only 13. her memory lives on with over a hundred and fifty videos uploaded on her account.

William Ma

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William Ma was one of the cofounders of a channel called BeybladeGeeks on which he and his friends Steven and Brendon made videos about the popular toy line.

In 2013, a William passed away after being involved in a car accident on the Queen Elizabeth Highway. The world beyblade organization mourned his loss. William’s friends and family set up a scholarship fund in his name to honor his legacy.

Steven and Brendon continued to upload to BeybladeGeeks to this very day. the channel has since reached over a million subscribers.

Will Norton

youtubers that died

Will Norton was a high school student in Joplin Missouri. He posted lighthearted vlogs and comedy sketches from 2007 to 2011 on his Youtube channel willdabeast88883333 . He amassed nearly 1.5 million views and thousands of subscribers.

On may 22nd of 2011, the now infamous Joplin tornado first struck the city, destroying everything in its path. Will was driving home from his high school graduation when he encountered the catastrophic twister.

Despite his father’s attempt to hold on to his son, he was pulled through the sunroof of the car. Weeks later, his corpse was found in a shallow lake. He was only 18.

Misha TV

Tamisha Ridge

Misha TV was a fashion and beauty channel started in 2009 by Tamisha Ridge. A 31 year old single mother of three. She saw some good success in her time gaining over a hundred and forty thousand subscribers and getting thousands of views per video on a somewhat consistent basis.

Tragically, on May 14 2014 Tamesha was murdered in her sleep in an act of domestic violence by her ex-boyfriend, who soon after turned himself over to police. These days her channel still sees frequent uploads from a third party, presumably family members.

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