Top 100 Famous YouTubers that died Unexpectedly

We’re seeing a lot more YouTubers die. And since they often have a much more connected audience than traditional celebrities, it makes many ask the question of what happens when that takes place. this is a question that crosses my mind very often. So we, at Outlandisher, spent hundreds of hours looking for the top famous youtubers that died . We’ll all be discovering the story of every single one of them.

YouTubers that died young

Our favorite YouTuber’s death constitute a shoke for us. Though we subscribed to their channel and keep following them daily on social media, we, most of the time, think that they’re just taking a break from the internet and they’ll come back soon, but then we hear the news of their passing.

Many famous YouTubers died young. Some passed away as they were filming their videos, and some were involved in fatal accidents, while others suffered from cancer. Quite a few of them took their own lives. You might be surprised by who you will find on this list of YouTubers that died.


Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

youtubers who died
youtubers who died young

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy  known to the world as xxxtentacion was a Floridian rapper and songwriter. Unlike other musicians with YouTube channels, Jahseh a frequently accessed his accounts upload personalized content outside of his brand, such as vlogs and, to the delight of his fans, gaming videos. the hip hop community was largely split on xxxtentacion.

On one side of the fence people denounced him force unforgivable acts of violence, such as when he allegedly battered his pregnant girlfriend. on the other side, many appreciated him for his unconventional style despite his shortcomings as a person. Unfortunately, For Jahseh the reactions to his death would prove to be just as polarizing as the reactions to his life.

On June 18th 2018, while leaving a motorbike dealership, two men blocked his car and demanded his possessions at gunpoint. A short skirmish ensued which resulted in him being shot several times in the neck.

The County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed he died immediately. Since his murder his estate has released dozens of pre-recorded songs on his channel.


What happened to Etika

etika_death_cause youtubers that have died #Youtubers_that_have_died #YoutubersThatHaveDied
youtubers who died young

Desmond Amofah was best known by his online name Etika. He started his career as a rapper in 2007 before moving on to streaming on YouTube in 2012. Etika’s content was primarily personality driven.

In 2018 people began to notice some troubling behavior from Etika. In October of that year he posted a pornographic video to his YouTube channel which caused it to be terminated.

In April of 2019, he did the same thing on a second channel with the same results. Around that time, he began posting some concerning things on his Twitter account such as: it’s my turn to die.

On April 29th, Etika live streamed himself on Instagram being arrested. Later that same week, he would be arrested again this time assaulting a police officer.

More info about Etika

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Unfortunately, On June 19th 2019, Etika posted a video entitled: I’m sorry, in which he talked about his mental health struggles throughout his life. This video had a troubling tone of finality to it, and Desmond disappeared shortly after the video was uploaded.

Concerns rose when a backpack full of his belongings were found on the Manhattan Bridge. A few days later, a body was found in Manhattan’s East River, which officials tragically soon confirmed belonged to Desmond.


Greg Plitt

youtubers that have died #Youtubers_that_have_died #YoutubersThatHaveDied
youtubers who died

Greg Plitt was a bodybuilder, writer and YouTuber. After serving as a US Army Ranger for five years, Greg moved to Los Angeles and became a personal trainer. Quickly gaining Fame with a series of self-training books.

Greg was also featured in several men’s health magazines and acted in commercials for products such as Old Spice. He was so well known for physical fitness that his body was even used as a reference for the character of Dr. Manhattan in the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s famous comic series Watchmen.

In 2015 Greg was struck by an oncoming train while filming a self-produced fitness video. He died instantly on impact.

Charlie Green Jr.

youtubers that died TheAngryGrandpaShow

Charlie Green Jr. was an internet personality who rose to fame with his character called angry grandpa. the channel, TheAngryGrandpaShow, was started in 2007 and soon found success by making videos in which he reacted in an over-the-top and angry manner to various things.

The most popular videos were the ones in which he was pranked by his son Michael. People flocked to these videos due to the sheer dedication that Green had for his craft; he would often smash objects like: microwaves and video game consoles if he thought it would improve a video.

On top of that, he was also banned for multiple stores and restaurants throughout his hometown due to his angry outbursts for content.

Sadly, after a decade-long career on YouTube, Charlie Green passed away due to complications from a liver condition. After his death, countless YouTube and mainstream celebrities alike came together to mourn the loss of one of the Internet’s biggest stars.


Christina Grimmie

youtubers that died Christina Grimmie
youtubers who died

Christina Grimmie started her YouTube channel in 2009 at the age of 15. Performing covers of pop songs. she quickly found popularity online with her biggest break coming in 2014 when she appeared as a contestant on the reality singing competition The Voice.

Her natural talents and friendly personality won over the hearts of both the judges and the audience. With the support of mainstream singers like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Christina was able to finish in third place.

This is what truly spring boarded her to mainstream success, as she signed a deal with Island Records and began going on several tours.

Sadly, during a meet-and-greet after a show in Orlando, Christina was gunned down by a crazed and delusional fan who believed he was the love of her life.

After her death, hundreds of thousands of celebrities and fans took to the Internet to mourn the loss of this rising star in the world of music. Since Christina’s passing her family and boyfriend have released a few albums in her honor.

Corey La Barrie

youtuber who died corey la barrie death
youtubers that have died

Corey La Barrie was a mid-sized creator that made a plethora of videos with friends in LA, including the likes of David Dobrik.

With many of his challenges gaining hundreds of thousands of views, he seemed to be living the good life, until it was cut short on May 10th 2020, when he was in a car crash with ‘Ink Master’ star Daniel Silva.

Shortly, after the wreck , he was pronounced dead and Daniel was arrested. It was Corey’s 25th birthday.


Edd Gould

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youtubers that died

Edd Gould was an animator and the creator of the popular web series EDDSWORLD. He started EDDSWORLD as a comic in the early 2000s with his friend Matt, who he met in secondary school.

He also took interest in flash animation and began teaching himself how to use the software until 2003, when he uploaded his first animation to new grounds. It was there Edd met his longtime friend and collaborator TomSka, with whom he would go on to create the EDDSWORLD animated series along with Matt.

The show followed Edie Tom and Matt as fictionalized versions of themselves living in the same house. It attracted a large audience due to the witty sense of humor and the creative stories.

As they were rising in popularity on YouTube, Edie was battling leukemia having been diagnosed in 2006. Despite seeming to beat the disease, in 2011 he learned that it had begun to make a comeback.

Unfortunately, he took his life on March 25th 2012. In his memory, Tom and Matt started Eddsworld legacy, a crowdfunding campaign designed to keep his series going for a while longer. They produced a few episodes over the years, but finally decided to end the series on a high note in 2016.

Update: The series came back in 2020 and it gets millions of views as always.

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Grant Thompson

youtubers_that_died jonathan_grant_thompson_cause_of_death
youtubers that have died

Jonathan Grant Thompson was better known to YouTube viewers as the King of Random. He rose to prominence through his DIY science projects and experiments as well as his positive and optimistic attitude.

His channel started in 2010 and amassed over 12 million subscribers. Since then, Grant’s passion for his work made him very popular in the science YouTube space.

Sadly, in 2019 Grant was killed in Washington County Utah during a paramotoring accident. The entire community mourned his passing and the King Of Random channel posted several tribute videos in his honor.

The channel he founded is still being run by members of Grant’s team and is still committed to his mission of teaching science and spreading positivity.


Caleb Logan LeBlanc

Caleb LeBlanc - TV personality caleb_logan_bratayley_death youtubers who died
Caleb LeBlanc – TV personality

Caleb Logan Bratayley, a YouTube personality who died suddenly back in 2015 at just age 13. The kid was felled by an undetected heart ailment called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Bratayley and his family have a popular YouTube channel with more than 1.6 million subscribers at the time (the channel has now more than 7 million subscribers). When Caleb passed away the family had to pause their daily vlog uploads, but they soon resumed their journey on YouTube and the channel is still operating till now.

News of Caleb’s death on October 1st 2015, was posted on the family Instagram page on October 5th and it caused widespread shock on social media.

 The boy and his family have been on YouTube since 2010. They post daily videos about their daily life routines and family events.

A week after his death, his memorial service was live-streamed. And all of his fans admitted that they miss him as much as his family.

Monty Oum

monty oum death monty_oum_death monty_oum youtubers_that_died YouTubersWhoDied
youtubers that died

Monty Oum was a popular online animator and writer known mainly for his work on the website Rooster Teeth. He got his start in 2002 shortly after dropping out of high school.

Monty took 3D models of several different video games, and would use them to make short videos depicting characters from several different franchises, including Halo Metroid and Final Fantasy fighting. These videos quickly caught the eye of several big-name video game companies. Monty will quickly find himself working as an animator for Studios such as Midway Games and Bandai Namco for the next few years.

In 2009 Monty was approached by Rooster Teeth which offered him a job animating for the series Red vs. Blue, which he happily agreed to. It was during his time at roosterteeth that Monty pitched his idea for an original series called Ruby, an anime inspired series with heavy influences from fantasy and folklore.

The series was greenlit and soon became a hit, garnering many fans and still producing new episodes to this very day.

On January 22nd 2015, Monti was rushed to the hospital after falling into a coma due to an allergic reaction to a shot he had received. Despite doctors doing all they could to save him, Monti sadly and suddenly passed away a little over a week later on February 1st.

There have been many tributes to Monty’s life and legacy in ruby since his passing, such as a song in the show sixth season, and memorials being placed in both seasons 3 & 7.