10 Famous YouTubers Pets that Died 2022

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We all know that YouTube is a great way to keep up with our favorite shows and videos, but what about the videos of our favorite youtubers pets that died ? Whether it was a dog, a cat, or a bird , these furry friends will be missed.

Grumpy Cat

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youtubers pets that died

While the list thus far has focused on only the death of humans, it should be noted that many animals have also passed away in the past 15 years of the platform.

Tartar Sauce was a cat with feline dwarfism owned by a woman by the name of Tabitha. In September of 2012, Tabitha’s brother Brian posted an image of Tartar Sauce on Reddit. It quickly began blowing up.

Redditors dubbed the feline grumpy cat due to her constantly angry looking facial expression. The image soon gained meme statu. For years, grumpy cat was a widely known symbol of online culture. Tartar Sauce also became a merchandising juggernauts. Selling millions of dollars worth of coffee mugs, t-shirts and plush toys.

With accounts across all of social media including YouTube, this cat had become a celebrity. There were books, comics, phone games, and even a movie entitled: Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, in which the role of Grumpy Cat was played by Aubrey Plaza.

Clearly, Tabitha and Brian had clearly struck the goldmine of easy money with their pets, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Tartar Sauce died and Tabitha’s home at the age of seven due to a urinary tract infection.

Diamond and Daddy

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Jeffree Star is an incredibly successful online beauty guru gaining millions of both subscribers and dollars from selling his makeup and beauty products. He’s also very well known for his eccentric and over-the-top sense of style, and this extends to his choice of pets.

Star seems to have a fascination with Pomeranians, as he’s adopted several over the years. This also means he’s had to say goodbye to some of them. Namely, his dog Diamond due to various health defects.


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Logan Paul has become famous across the internet for his various outrageous stunts. His career started on Vine in high school before later moving on to making YouTube videos. From the very beginning, he was joined by his beloved son Icon named Maverick.

The bird made many appearances in Logan’s vlogs, and he even named his merch line after Maverick. The two were an inseparable pair for seven years until July of 2019, when Logan posted on Instagram that Maverick had been eaten by his dog while on vacation in Sweden.


youtubers that died
youtubers pets that died

Run by proud owner Brock Afentul, 2CAN TV was a channel which followed the daily antics of Ripley, YouTube’s favorite toucan. Although every video was filled with insightful tips for those planning on owning such unique pets, the main draw of the content was undoubtedly the cute and mischievous bird herself.

Unfortunately, on January 1st 2019, Ripley suffered from heart failure and passed away in Brock’s arms. A week later, Brock made a touching tribute video to her life, and in the comments clarified he would be donating her skeleton for educational use. Since her death, he has adopted several more toucans. The channel has continued in her memory.

YouTubers haven’t only brought fame to themselves, but also to their pets, who are often equally or even more popular. When one of these pets passed away, it left its owners as well as fans’ hearts broken. That was it for the most famous youtubers pets that died , if you know of any other YouTubers pets tell us in the comments section below .

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