Most Famous YouTubers Who Died Of Cancer

When you think of  the term YouTuber, the first image that comes to your mind might be that of an energetic young person. Someone who is all ambition to grow their fans list, not exactly somebody on the door of death. However, we’re seeing a lot more YouTubers die. And since they often have a much more connected audience than traditional celebrities, it makes many ask the question of what happens when that takes place. this is a question that crosses my mind very often. So we, at Outlandisher, spent hundreds of hours looking for the top famous youtubers who died of cancer . We’ll all be discovering the story of every single one of them.

youtubers who died of cancer

Our favorite YouTuber’s death constitute a shoke for us. Though we subscribed to their channel and keep following them daily on social media, we, most of the time, think that they’re just taking a break from the internet and they’ll come back soon, but then we hear the news of their passing.

Many famous YouTubers died young. Some passed away as they were filming their videos, and some were involved in fatal accidents, while others suffered from cancer. Quite a few of them took their own lives. You might be surprised by who you will find on this list of YouTubers that died.

Mari Lopez

youtubers who died of cancer

Mari Lopez made a path of Liz & Mari, a vlogging channel created by her niece with the purpose of documenting her struggle against breast cancer. The two advocated natural remedies to their thousands of subscribers. Even admitting to disregarding the cancer treatment recommended by Muri’s doctor. After she went into remission, they attributed her newfound vegan lifestyle and faith in God as the reason for her healing.

Unfortunately, this period of wellness didn’t last long. as the cancer had spread to her blood liver and lungs, she died in December of 2017. Liz would go on to claim that Mari’s death occurred because she cheated on her diet by eating microwave to meet.

Perhaps the most upsetting part of this affair still is that according to Liz herself. once Mari realized she would die from the cancer, she personally requested Liz to take down their videos falsely promoting veganism as a legitimate cure. over two years later however and these videos are still up on the channel.

John Bain

youtubers who died of cancer

John Bain, better known by his online Alias TotalBiscuit who was a much beloved video game critic. getting his start in radio, Bain hosted a very popular World of Warcraft show from 2005 to 2010. appropriately titled: World of Warcraft Radio.

After ending the show, John then pivoted his focus to his website and his YouTube channel where he continued to post regular video game related content it was at that point he was approached by a network known as the game station to join their group. There Bain met many of his longtime friends and collaborators including Jesse Cox and Dodger whom he hosted the popular Co optional podcast width.

Sadly, in 2014 John announced to his fans that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer. He quickly began treatment and saw a huge outpouring of support from across the internet landscape. despite the cancer going into remission around 2016, by 2018 things became considerably worse.

Unfortunately, on May 24 2018 John’s wife went to Twitter to announce that he had passed away at the age of 33. she kept cynical brit and the co optional podcasts going in his memory and blizzard even launched a dlc pack for world warcraft in his honor with all proceeds going to support john’s wife and son in their time of need.

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Stefan Karl Stefansson

youtubers who died of cancer

Stefan Karl Stefansson was an Icelandic actor and most well known for his work on the critically acclaimed kid show LazyTown where he played the sluggish main antagonist Robbie Rotten. The show had regular music interludes and always taught a lesson prompting a healthy lifestyle.

In October of 2016, Stefan announced that he had been diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer. Following this announcement, the actors’ longtime friend and head writer of LazyTown and Mark Valenti started a GoFundMe campaign in his name.

In an inspiring turn of events mean creators on YouTube saw this news and began making parodies of a clip from the show of his character before long. The We’re Number One mean became a YouTube sensation as did Stefan himself. As a result the GoFundMe reached far beyond its original goal.

Following the excitement, Stefan made his own YouTube channel and quickly gathering hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He prompted the upload of the incredibly wholesome We Are Number one live. It’s the live version with an interview, in which he and old cast members performed the song as an act of gratitude towards his supporters.

In August of 2017, the Internet collectively celebrated when Stefan declared he was in remission. Unfortunately, these high-raised hopes would prove to be premature. In March of 2018, he would disclose through Twitter that the cancer had returned and was now inoperable.

To the dismay of the entire Internet, Stefan died in his home on August 21st 2018, at the young age of 43. As per his wishes, there was no funeral, but millions around the world mourned his death.

Reggie Osse

youtubers who died of cancer

Reggio say known to the rap world as Combat Jack who was a Jack of all trades. In his life, he never missed a chance to pursue an opportunity, and at one point or another worked as a music attorney, journalist editor, and administrator.

Naturally, Reggie joined the YouTube game early on by beginning The Combat Jack Show in March of 2006. The show was a weekly podcast starring him and his co-star Dallas Penn, as well as, a diverse array of guests, and typically cover topics relating to hip hop, fashion trends, and current events.

Sadly, he died on December 21st 2017, due to complications of colon cancer. Due to his contributions to so many fields, his death was mourned by generations of rappers, radio hosts, and journalists alike.

Daniel Thomas

youtubers who died of cancer

Daniel Thomas, PeeWeeToms, had devoted his channel to blogging his battle against sarcomatoid carcinoma, a rare form of cancer he was diagnosed with in 2015.

Though his battle was an arduous and uncertain one, Daniel kept an optimistic attitude through thick and thin, inspiring his viewers to make the best of their circumstances. Though he maintained an upbeat and motivational tone throughout his content, he was never disingenuous, and always leveled with his audience when it came to the darker aspects of his journey.

Eight months after his first uploaded video, Daniel, through shaking breaths, shared the devastating results from his recent hospital scan. It determined he had extra metastases in his left lung and liver, a massive growth on his chest wall and widespread bone cancer. Not only was any assistive surgery now impossible but his lifespan was reduced to mere days.

Following this uploaded, Daniel stuck to his philosophy and made the best of his time left; feeding Galapagos Tortoises, marrying his longtime girlfriend, getting a kitten, and saying his final goodbyes to family and friends.

On September 24th 2018, Daniel recorded his final video from his hospital bed. on September 28th he passed away. 11 days after his passing, a celebration of Dan’s life was attended by loved ones and fans alike. complete with eulogies, motivational speakers, and musical performances. On November

Meechy Monroe

youtubers that died of cancer
#Youtubers_that_died #YoutubersThatDied
youtubers who died of cancer

Meechy Monroe had a disappointing career in marketing before a fateful bad haircut led her to discovering an online community that believed black women should embrace their natural hair.

Feeling inspired by their message, Meechy began posting her hairstyle tutorials in 2010, empowering her viewers to give up their hot combs perms extensions and displayed their organic hair for the world to see.

Her channel took off rather quickly but some of her videos bringing in more than a million views apiece. She was soon able to accept brand deals and endorsements.

Things went awry however in 2014, when she suffered several strokes and was diagnosed with brain cancer. In preparation for the surgery, she had to shave all of her hair. By doing so, effectively, retired her channel.

In 2017 she passed away due to her cancer at the young age of 32. She is remembered by her mother and by her sister, who now also run a beauty hair based channel.

Esther Earl

youtubers that died #youtubers_who_died_of_cancer
youtubers who died of cancer

Esther Earl was a young YouTube vlogger who became friends with John Green of the Vlogbrothers after meeting him at a Harry Potter convention in 2009. After their meeting, she became heavily involved in the vlogbrothers fan community and forged a close friendship with the John over the Internet.

On top of that, she was also heavily involved in charity work even helping a nonprofit organization designed to help survivors of human rights violations known as the Harry Potter Alliance. Unfortunately, Esther was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 12 and had been struggling with it for her entire time on the Internet. She fought bravely until the bitter end.

On August 25th 2010, she passed away in her memory her parents started the charity this star won’t go out designed to help families of children suffering from cancer. Additionally, John and his brother Hank celebrate the holiday called Esther day every year on her birthday August 3rd the event brings together dozens of YouTubers from across the site to raise money for charity.

It’s clear that John’s friendship with Esther meant a great deal to him as he even loosely based his novel The Fault in Our Stars on her story.


youtubers that died #Youtubers_that_died #YoutubersThatDied

Peter Oakley AKA, Geriatric1927 was an elderly British man, who like many people, in 2006 was fascinated by the new platform of YouTube and quickly began posting vlog-like content to the site. After posting his first video, people quickly began to take notice and enjoyed Peter’s calm demeanor and soothing voice.

This success prompted him to start a series entitled: Telling it all in which he told stories about his wife, his career as a public health inspector, his love of motorcycles, and his time as a radar technician during world war ii.

These videos were very popular by the standards of the time, gaining hundreds of thousands of views and getting Peter’s channel nearly 80,000 subscribers for a small time. Thus making him the most subscribed to channel on all of YouTube, he continued making these videos all the way up until he passed away from cancer at the age of 86 on March 23rd 2014.

Jam Sebastian

youtubers that died #Youtubers_that_died #YoutubersThatDied

Jam Sebastian was a Filipino actor who, alongside his girlfriend, ran their shared YouTube channel JamishTV. This nickname was used by fans to refer to the couple that jointly devoted their channel to uploading short films which gave an inside look on the emotional complexities of a relationship.

In January of 2014, Jam was diagnosed with stage-four cancer. After announcing this heavy news to their devastated million subscribers, tears were shared by fans. When at the Philippine International Convention Center, his longtime girlfriend proposed to him.

The last video on JamishTV uploaded on July 19th to 2014, was a heartwarming compilation of prominent Youtubers across the globe giving their well wishes to Jam. Sadly, on March 4th 2015, Jam passed away.


There you have the most famous youtubers who died of cancer . While each one of these people lived in a different country, had different religions, and of course came from different backgrounds, the thing that’s binding them all together is that they’ll collectively be missed by hundreds of millions of friends, family members, and fans alike.

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