Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World 2023

Have you guys ever wondered about richest youtubers ! well I’ve compiled the list of the top 10 rich youtubers. there’s gonna be lots of reveals and I have to just say the range is quite large and that’s because youtubers get paid by advertisers and the range of those advertisers costs are pretty big.

Richest YouTubers

Ray William Johnson

richest youtubers
richest youtubers

One of the first YouTubers to pass a $1,000,000 a year and we’re talking about Ray William Johnson. he’s estimated to be making one to two million dollars a year. he was YouTube’s first comedian who started back in 2008 which is just a few years after YouTube came out. he’s 33 years old from Oklahoma City Oklahoma. he got back from his series equals 3 on his show he provided commentary on viral videos. he has generated 2.8 billion views to go along with 12 million subscribers. he’s doing this for so long and he probably lost interest in that and he stopped the equal three show. this had a lot of upset and pissed off fans. so he listened to everyone and thought that he should bring back the show. But he hired a new host till the equals three show was down for about three months. the show was then up and running with the new host but because it’s not ray william johnson, it was losing subscribers; about 10,000 a month.

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TobyGames is estimated to be making about one to two million dollars a year. He is famously known on youtube as Tobuscus. he is from Florida but currently lives in Los Angeles California. he has multiple channels. he vlogs, produces funny skits, and plays video games across all of his channels. he has about 15 million subscribers to go along with about 3.2 billion views. his YouTube fame shot him into the TV world. he appeared as himself on the hit cartoon The Annoying Orange. he went to school to the University city of Florida with the degree in telecommunication production.

Jenna Marbles

richest youtubers
richest youtubers

One of YouTube’s funny comedians, Jenna Marbles. she has lost all her marbles you know what she’s making around two million dollars a year. she has been on YouTube since 2010. she has fourteen point seven million subscribers to go along with one point six of billion views. Jenna Marbles’ popular video is how to trick people into thinking you’re good-looking. that video has 60 million views and also her other video what girls do in the car. those videos really shot her up into Fame. Jenna Marbles actually has a celebrity net worth right now of 3.5 million dollars. she has the most subscribed channel that’s ran by a woman. she is 28 years old from New York. before YouTube, she obtained a Bachelor of Science and Psychology and later she attended Boston University for her master’s of Education in sports psychology and counseling. since then, she has appeared on New York Times and ABC News.

Sky Does Everything

Sky Does Everything is making an estimated of two to three million dollars a year. the guy behind the channel is Adam Dalberg. he got really big on YouTube with the team called crafted, but then he went on his own to produce his own channel. he’s averaging about 55 million views a month and he has a total of 2.5 billion views. Adam has gotten really big on social media having almost a million followers on Twitter.


CollegeHumor make about 2.5 to 3.5 million dollars a year. this channel really got big from their segment at the Jake and Amir. it’s about two guys who annoy the heck out of each other and it’s really funny. the channel has over 3.3 billion views and almost 10 million subscribers. they just uploaded a video called shaken Amir final, which means the show is coming to an end after all these years. The channel has been running for eight years making them one of the first channels ever on YouTube. they’ve been on TV since 2007 pranking each other. one of their most amazing pranks was one time they were skydiving from a plane and they pretended that the cord wouldn’t pull and they were gonna plummet to their death. they were freaking out.


Smosh, they’re estimated to make about three to four point five million dollars. Smosh consists of tow YouTube veterans Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. they were one of the first YouTube sensations becoming known for their parody videos like Pokemon, but the people behind Pokemon didn’t like it flagged the video and it was taken down. The two friends did a parody making fun of Pokemon team for flagging their videos. from that, they went on to making really amazing special effects which drew in millions more people. right now, they’re in talks with getting their comedy content on TV right. they have about 87 million views monthly with a total of 4 billion views and also they’re closing in on 20 million subscribers.

Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time, it’s time to go crazy and eat a lot of bacon. These guys have a celebrity net worth of 6 million dollars. they’re not making much off of YouTube anymore, but that’s because YouTube got them their own TV show on the FYI network. the show is called Epic Meal Empire. they’re one of the first people that bring YouTube onto TV. they have had guest stars like Tony Hawk and Arnold Schwarzenegger on their show. they currently have 167 episodes. they’ve become the fifth most viewed YouTube channel in Canada with 778 million views and also they’re the third most subscribed with 6.6 million subscribers.

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review

richest youtubers

This guys makes about 5 million dollars a year and that’s from getting 380 million views a month. on this channel is an unnamed Brazilian woman who posted videos of her opening, assembling and playing with Disney toys. you’d never see her face, but she provides amazing commentary. parents and a lot of kids love this channel. the channel has 5.2 billion views and it’s crazy to know how much money you can make from something that you love doing and you get to play with toys. is this not incredible!


PewDiePie he’s estimated to make around 8 to 12 million dollars. PewDiePie a 25 year old gamer on YouTube who does funny commentary. this guy is just freaking hilarious. his real name is Felix and he’s from Gothenburg, Sweden. Felix receives one of the most amount of views in a month with 392 million with a sort of view of seven point nine billion views on youtube. no other channel has more than him right now. not even if you include VEVO. and by the time you read this article, I bet that he’s at 8 billion or 9 or 10. I’m pretty sure this guy is just taking over the world. he’s the most subscribed right now with  34 million, which is 12 million more than the second place. also because of YouTube, felix has gone on to become a superstar. on twitter he has around 5.3 million followers.


richest youtubers

Shaycarl sold his business for five hundred million dollars. he’s pretty much the guy who invented vlog videos and held the record for the most consecutive days for vlogging, until that record was broken by trellis trippy. his YouTube career really launched when Philip DeFranco who was really big at the time shouted him out. since then, he went on to build his own company and his own network. he called it maker studio. Philip DeFranco was also a part of that. Disney actually became interested in his company and bought him out for five hundred million dollars. and depending on how the company does in the next 12 months, they’re gonna give him an additional 450 million. This means that his company was valued at 950 million dollars, making him the most successful youtuber ever. after that, he went on to make his own clothing line called trixin.

There you go Outlandishers, we reached the end of our list about richest youtubers. were you surprised of anyone on this list? and who did you think was number one making the most money in YouTube?

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