Top 15 Famous TikTok stars female 2023

Though the platform is still young, TikTok is the fastest growing social network. Take a look at the most famous TikTok stars female . These TikTok female stars claim millions of followers, and found fame by creating short video clips lip-syncing to famous tiktok songs and showing off famous tiktok dances that get shared thousands of times.

TikTok stars female list

1-Charli D’Amelio — 149.5 million

Charli D’Amelio is a an 18-year-old social media personality from Connecticut. She rose to fame in 2019 when her choreographed dance videos went viral on TikTok. D’Amelio is the first TikToker who reached both 50 million and 100 million followers. With more than 125 million TikTok followers, D’Amelio is the 2nd most famous tiktoker in the world after Khaby Lame.

In addition to performing viral dances and being one of the first TikTokers to star in a Super Bowl commercial, D’Amelio also starred in the Hulu docuseries “The D’Amelio Show” and created a clothing brand with Hollister.

Before launching her TikTok account in June 2019, D’Amelio was a talented dancer and she posted photos and videos from dance competitions on her Instagram.

Charli composes her own dances and shares several TikToks a day, some of which include lip sync video clips, vlogs, and more random shots of her doing various activities.

But her most popular TikTok videos are her various dances. Her most popular TikTok video of all time is her dancing to the song “Renegade”.

TikTok stars female

2. Bella Poarch — 92.7 million

Bella Poarch is 25 years old, and was born on February 8th 1997 in the Philippines. Bella’s family moved to the US when she was 13 years old. She currently lives in Los Angeles, US.

Bella Poarch joined the platform in April 2020 and quickly became one of TikTok‘s breakout stars. She posts lip-sync, dance, singing, and gaming-focused videos. She has the most liked video on TikTok — a lip-sync to British rapper Millie B’s “M to the B.”

Female TikTokers

Earning an estimated $5 million in 2021, Bella is the 4th highest-paid personality that year  according to Forbes. And that is due in part to her flourishing music career and sponsorship deals.

3. Addison Rae (aka Addison Easterling) — 88.9 million

TikTok stars female

Addison Rae is an 21-year-old American Dancer, Actress, and social media personality. She has accumulated over 88.3 Million followers on TikTok.

Also, she was the highest-paid TikTok personality in the world. She posts lip-syncing and dance videos on her TikTok account.

Addison quickly rose to fame after joining TikTok in the summer of 2019. She regularly amasses hundreds of thousands of views on videos where she dances and lip-syncs to popular songs.

In addition to TikTok, Addison with her mother host a podcast called “Mama Knows Best”.

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Youtubers who have 100 million subscribers

5. Domelipa (Dominik) — 62.5 million

famous tiktok girls
TikTok stars female

Dominik, better known a @domelipa, is 20-year-old TikToker from Mexico. She was born on August 27, 2001 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Social media influencer who is famous for her domelipa TikTok channel, which has amassed over 55 million followers. She has gained massive popularity for her lip-syncs and choreographed dances and short vignettes of her everyday life.

Dominik has begun posting on TikTok predecessor in 2018, and now posts a mix of dance, lifestyle, and lip-sync videos.

4. Dixie D’Amelio — 57.5 million

Female TikTokers

Dixie D’Amelio, the older sister of the biggest star on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio, was born on August 12, 2001, in Norwalk, Connecticut (20 years old, as in 2022). is also known for her dance videos and choreography.

Dixie started uploading to TikTok in 2019, after her sister Charli had already gained popularity, since then the sisters have gone on to take over TikTok, becoming recognizable social media personalities across the world.

Dixie was named the second highest-earning TikToker by Forbes at the start of 2022, earning $10 million in 2021. The star was just behind her sister Charli on the list.

Dixie D’Amelio released her first song ‘Be Happy’ in July 2020, and the song went viral, with the music video amassing over 112 million views on YouTube.

6. Loren Gray — 54.4 million | TikTok stars female

Loren Gray Beech is a TikTok and YouTube star. She has over 54 million followers on TikTok, thus making her the 6th most followed female tiktoker in the world.

She was born on April 19 , 2002, in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. but now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Loren first gained popularity on social media app in 2015 at only 13 years old, where she was going by her real name Loren Beech, before switching to Loren Gray. She then became one of the most famous tiktok girls . Aapart forom that, Loren has a beauty YouTube channel.

Gray has been a frequent part of TikTok’s viral dance challenges and lip-dubbing trends. She has garnered nominations at the People’s Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards for her social media presence.

She recently stated that she was planning on focusing more on her career in music, which she has started since 2017. Back in 2020, she launched her own jewelry brand, &always.

7. Avani Gregg — 42.8 million


and i oop-🤡i had way too much fun with this😂 #clowncheck #foryou #featureme #makeup insta-avaannii

♬ Hokus Pokus – Insane Clown Posse
famous female tiktokers

Avani Gregg is an American make-up artist  and social media personality. She was born on 23 November 2002 (19 years old).

Avani is known for her stylish makeup and for posting dance, comedy, and transition videos to her TikTok account. She has over 41.6 million fans on the platform. In 2019, she won a Shorty Award for TikToker of the Year.

Avani’s first viral TikTok was a video where she transforms from an all-natural look into a creepy clown. The “Clown Check” video quickly raked in over four million views in the following weeks and gave her a lasting reputation as “Clown Girl”, which she didn’t really like.

8. Baby Ariel (aka Ariel Martin) — 36.1 million

TikTok stars female

Her real name is Ariel Martin. She is an social media personality, singer, and actress. She was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, US on November 22, 2000 (age 21).

Baby Ariel started out on TikTok’s predecessor, back in 2015, and was the first individual to surpass the 20-million-followers mark on the App, and her fame has grown from there.

Ariel won the first Teen Choice Award for “Choice Muser” in 2016 and 2017. The award established Ariel as a force on social media.

Ariel is making great rogress in the TV world as well; she had her first big acting role in 2017 in the Disney series BIZAARDVARK!. She then took her acting to the next level, playing a prominent role in the Disney movie Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2.

TikTok stars female from India

9. Arishfa Khan — 28.7 million

TikTok stars female

Arishfa Khan is a 18-year-old actor and model from India.  She was born and raised in Shahjahanpur on April 3, 2003 (19 years old, as in 2022). She got her start as a child actress at age 9 back in 2012.

She gained a major following for her dancing and lip-syncing videos on TikTok. She has since created a makeup and beauty YouTube channel.

Arishfa Khan has a huge following on Social Media; with 28.7 million followers on TikTok and over 29.3 million followers on Instagram.

Arishfa Khan makes good income from acting and modeling. She has a net worth of $1.7 Million USD in 2022. s

Khan’s last video on TikTok was posted on June 29, 2020, the day that India banned the App.

10. Nisha Guragain — 28.2 million

famous female tiktokers
famous female tiktokers

Nisha Guragain is a 22-year-old TikTok star, model and actress from India. She was born on October 2, 1997 (24 years old, as in 2022) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nisha developed her acting and singing skills during school days at a very young age. She started posting lip-sync videos to songs growing in popularity on TikTok.

Just like Arishfa Khan, Nisha’s most recent video was posted on June 28, 2020, one day before TikTok was banned in India.

11. Sameeksha Sud — 24.5 million | TikTok stars female

Sameeksha Sud is an Indian actress, model and social influencer. Born in April, 25, 1991 (31-year-old in 2022) in Mumbai, India.

She is well known for her comedy video clips on TikTok. She also makes lip-sync and dance videos, and that got her millions of followers on her TikTok account in no time.

Sameeksha’s most recent video was uploaded on June 29, 2020 the day that the TikTok App was banned by the Indian government.

12. Piyanka Mongia — 22.9 million

Piyanka Mongia is a 24-year-old Indian TikTok star. She was born in September 27, 1997 in Delhi.

She plunged into the TikTok world in 2018 and quickly become one of India’s most popular stars on the app.

She posted mostly lip-sync and dance videos, and her last video dates back to June 30, just after TikTok was banned in India.

However, Piyanka resorted to Instagram to continue sharing her inspirations with her followers. In her account which contains more than 8 million followers,  Piyanka  shares photos of her fashionable outfits, lip-sync and dance videos.

13. Beauty Khan — 21.4 million

Mamuda Khatun is a social media personality from India. She was born on March 18, 1999. She became one of a popular TikTok star in India through a her dance and lip-sync videos.

Beauty Khan’s most recent video was posted on June 30, 2020, the day after TikTok was banned in India.

TikTok stars female

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