Youtubers who forgot they were live 2023

In this article we will be taking a look at six youtubers who forgot they were live . this is going to include some of your favorite youtubers such as: sssniperwolf, Jelly, Ninja, Ookemane and more …

Youtubers who forgot they were live

6- Pokimane

In this clip, we have Pokimane’s livestream. Pokimane was live as usual, however one of Pokimane’s friends came in to surprise the stream. At the time, Pokimane was unaware what he was doing.

The friend took her diary. When he went to leave, he ended up slipping. This is definitely an embarrassing moment for Pokimane. Her friend luckily was fine. Pokimane ended up chasing after him to check on what he was doing.

A lot of her fans told Pokimane that he was taking things out of her room and hiding them. This is definitely a pretty hilarious moment that you don’t want to miss out on.

youtubers who forgot they were live


This clip shows Ninja’s wife. She forgot the camera was recording and she grabbed Ninja’s bottom. Ninja was on a live stream playing Fortnite.

As you can see ninja was very hesitant and asked his wife: Did you just grab my bum?

This was a pretty funny livestream moment. I do believe Ninja’s wife just forgot the camera was on, or maybe she did this as a joke to all the viewers watching. Anyway, this still makes for a super hilarious clip.


youtubers who forgot they were live

This clip depicts sssniperwolf when she went live to thousands of viewers. At the end of the stream, she pretends to turn the stream off. The camera was still rolling actually.

What happens next will shock you! As the camera is recording, she looks like she is doing something inappropriate on stream. A bunch of her fans started calling her out. They tried to tell her the live stream is still going on.

At this point, sssniperwolf is still going on with the prank of forgetting she left her camera on. She ends up lifting her dog up and it turns out that she was pranking her fans.

There was a sigh of relief by the fans. As we all thought sssniperwolf was doing something she probably wouldn’t have been doing.


All youtubers make mistakes in their first recordings. However, they have editors who cut out the footage so it is not shown to the viewers. If you are a fan of Jelly, you may have known that Jelly has forgotten the camera multiple times before. That where he makes mistakes for all of his viewers to see.

In these instances, the editors have done a poor job. They didn’t really pick up on the recording errors and not manage to cut them out. This video shows all the bad mistakes Jelly has made in the past when he forgot the camera was on. Some of these mistakes have caused jelly’s fans to be angry at him.


We all know Alinity has done some pretty questionable things in the past. It seems like she doesn’t even realize the camera is recording. Well, in this clip, we actually have a moment where Alinity completely forgot the camera was even on.

In this case, Alinity was live streaming to a bunch of fans. One fan pointed out that she had butt sweat. While super random as it is, Alinity went ahead and pulled out her camera. She tried to take a photo of this so-called butt sweat.

When she did this, all of the fans could see the phone screen. This makes for a pretty shocking clip. Alinity then realized all the fans could see her phone and started laughing to try to play it off like it was an accident.

Streamer playing GTA5

A small gamer streamer who is playing GTA5. Her roommate ends up walking in and starts undressing. Although this was a pretty funny clip, this could have gone horribly.

Luckily, the streamer noticed her and was quick to turn off the camera. At the end of it, you could tell the streamer had a sigh of relief. She could have been banned on twitch for a moment.

Although this girl is a streamer, she also runs a small YouTube channel so I thought I would include her in this article.

youtubers who forgot they were live

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