What happened to sssniperwolf ? Did she die ?

One of the most common questions we get recently in our mailbox is: what happened to sssniperwolf ? And While we really don’t know what sparked this rumor, we have some clarification to share with you on this matter.

What happened to sssniperwolf ?

Back on Jun 29, 2016, sssniperwolf uploaded a video to her channel entitled: WORST AIRLINE EVER. She talked about one of her bad experiences with American Airlines.

I believe that people mixed this incident with the car crash that sssniperwolf had. However, it’s a normal thing to hear a widespread rumor about a famous person from time to time.

what happened to sssniperwolf

sssniperwolf got into a serious car crash so one night she was out driving and another car crashed into hers if she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt she probably would have died because her car got completely destroyed trust me you must watch this clip on the very end.

She was very fortunate that she’s still alive and able to to tell the story. Her car was not so fortunate though. She got hit by a drunk driver while sitting at the light. Luckily she had her seatbelt on. She probably would have died if she didn’t have her seatbelt on.

Well, that’s all we have guys about this subject. So as you can see the news that sssniperwolf died in a plane crash is false.

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