Angry Grandpa cause of death, age, real name, and more …

Charlie Green Jr. was an internet personality who rose to fame with his character called angry grandpa. the channel, TheAngryGrandpaShow, was started in 2007 and soon found success by making videos in which he reacted in an over-the-top and angry manner to various things.

The most popular videos were the ones in which he was pranked by his son Michael. People flocked to these videos due to the sheer dedication that Green had for his craft; he would often smash objects like: microwaves and video game consoles if he thought it would improve a video. On top of that, he was also banned for multiple stores and restaurants throughout his hometown due to his angry outbursts for content.

Sadly, after a decade-long career on YouTube, Charlie Green passed away due to complications from a liver condition. After his death, countless YouTube and mainstream celebrities alike came together to mourn the loss of one of the Internet’s biggest stars.

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