Top 10 YouTubers Who Disappeared Without a Trace

When we watch our favorite YouTubers on the internet, we develop a bond and a sort of connection with them, and then when they decide to leave the platform, it can feel like we’re losing a friend, but sometimes our favorite YouTubers disappear without saying a word and it really leaves us wondering where they could have gone on! In today’s article, I’ll be covering just a few of the YouTubers who seem to have disappeared without a trace.

Kenny Veach

image: Mental Flare

Starting off this list at number 10 we have Kenny Veach his real name is Kenneth Lee Veach and he was an American YouTuber who posted videos of his hiking trips. He only ended up uploading five videos in total but interacted a lot with other hiking channels which helped him quickly gain popularity. Kenny was very proud of the toll his amazing and difficult hikes took on his body. He even said it usually takes him three days to recover from his hikes, and that sometimes his toenails would even turn black and fall off. Near the end of 2014, Kenny posted a comment on a video that explained that while he normally enters every single cave he finds, when he found one that was shaped like an ‘M’ and began to enter it his whole body began to vibrate and the closer he got, the feeling became more intense. The feeling really freaked him out so he ended up getting out of there as quickly as possible. After this comment, tons of other users encouraged him to try and find the cave again and fight the eerie feeling and go inside to make a video of it. Kenny did exactly this and made a video that ended up being his most viewed video titled MK hike. Unfortunately, he was unable to find the same cave again, viewers were upset that he was unable to find it and they quickly started pushing for him to look again, but there were a few comments begging Kenny to leave it alone and not to go back fearing that he would be putting himself in a dangerous situation. On November 10th, 2014 Kenny set out once again to try and find the cave and explains to his family that he would just be going on a short overnight trip. Unfortunately, Kenny never returned home and the search began. His cell phone was discovered at the opening of an abandoned mine shaft which many viewers thought they recognized from his MK hike video. Unfortunately, since then the trail has gone cold and Kenny still has yet to be located. While it is extremely unlikely I really hope that he is still out there somewhere and hopefully one day we get the answers we’re looking for and his family will get their much-needed closure.

Bill Smith

image: Pixabay

Moving on in our number nine spot we have the YouTube user Bill Smith. Bill Smith was part of the QAnon movement and posted a lot of videos that he claimed were secrets that the government doesn’t want us to know about. He was an extremely frequent poster so it raised alarm bells when He, all of the sudden, stopped posting videos. He never gave any indication that he wanted to stop posting videos and his last video honestly made it seem like he had every intention to continue with him saying he will fight with everything he has and that he was all in. There are a lot of theories about where he could have gone that include him being investigated by homeland security or if there were any truth to his claims potentially being taken into custody. People also believe that if his channel did become active again that it would be the government covering their tracks and uploading on his behalf. It’s a lot of speculation but at the end of the day who is Bill Smith? and where did he go?


image: Twitter

Moving on to number eight we have the user PARANORMALANA who also was known by the name Alana G she was a pretty popular YouTuber with over 50 000 subscribers and mostly covered content that was either paranormal spooky in some way or real events. On September 3rd, 2015 her channel was just suddenly deleted as well as all of her social media accounts. This quickly became a huge topic of conversation among other YouTubers who were in the same genre as Alanna. One person began to point out that just prior to her disappearance from the internet she had posted a series of tweets explaining that she had a pretty serious stalker incident and she was having to change how her social media accounts were being managed although many cyber sleuths have looked into where she could have gone no one is exactly certain of what happened to her. If she really did have a stalker, maybe disappearing was the only thing she could do. I just hope that she is safe wherever she ended up moving on.

Shima Luan

image: Twitter

Down to number seven we have Shima Luan. Shima Luan was an American YouTuber who worked for the channel Super Planet Dolan that was an animated channel and Shima was one of the most active characters on the channel and was well-liked by those who watched. In 2016, in a video called the future of planet Dolan, they explained that Shima had suddenly fallen out of contact with the other people on the channel, but the last time they spoke she was safe so they didn’t suspect anything bad. Of course, a lot of viewers didn’t believe this and began to speculate that this was the crew trying to cover up her disappearance. In February of this year, a YouTuber called Scarce Theater made a video taking a look into Shima’s disappearance and one of the members of the Dolan crew left a comment that may have cleared some things up for us. The comment read it’s sort of an unsolvable mystery to those who don’t know her, because to solve it in a satisfying way publicly people’s personal lives would be invaded. No one who walks away from a job in entertainment wants to be dragged out in the public, and shown around that would be gruesome in respect to the privacy of others. All I can say is that this is one of the good videos on the topic; everyone else fell into conspiracy theories, of horror, of trappings and teasing ideas. The truth is we always had trouble getting people to separate the cartoons from the actors. This definitely leads us to believe that Shima had her reasons for leaving the channel but it truly is none of our business. It’s easy to forget that some of our favorite creators are also real people who deserve to have their lives kept private if they so choose. While we miss Shima’s content, it’s good to know that she is safe.


image: The Telegraph

Coming in at number six we have the YouTubers who went by MacAdventures. They were a father and son channel with the destination of area 51. In 2016 they had posted a video of them finally arriving at the area 51 border. As they arrive at the border a couple of agents in full camo gear pull up to them in a truck, get out with guns in their hands, and basically ask them to leave the premises. After the video was posted, they released one more video and then an extended version of their original area 51 video, and then they went totally silent. All of their social media were blown up with people believing that the area 51 video was fake, which has led some people to believe that they just decided they didn’t want to continue creating content because of the negativity but that’s not what everyone believed. A lot of people believed that maybe they had just gone back to area 51 and tried to get further into the closed-off area than last time and ended up getting arrested or maybe even worse. After a few years of people speculating and wondering what happened to them, last year there was finally an update the son of the duo ended up doing a Youtube live stream where it was finally explained that they had just decided to take a break and it ended up becoming more of a permanent decision than they had originally planned on. While this is sort of an anti-climactic ending, it’s definitely the best outcome that could have happened at our halfway mark.


mage: Hollywood Reporter

In our number five spot, we have the user KEVJUMBA whose real name is Kevin Wu. Kevin was one of the first Youtube stars joining the platform all the way back in 2006, and by 2008 he was the third most subscribed to channel. Kevin used his Youtube success to go on a season of the amazing race as well as even landing a role in a Hollywood film: Revenge of the green dragons. He slowly began to post videos less frequently and eventually made his channel entirely private, moving his focus more to the other aspects of his career. Things took a turn, though in 2015 when he kind of just entirely disappeared for a while, people began to get really worried about Kevin and gossips began to swirl about what could have happened and where he could have gone. Luckily we eventually heard from Kevin again, but in an unfortunate turn of events, he explained that the reason for his disappearance is because he had been hit by a car and suffered some pretty serious injuries. The accident left him with a broken spine and a collapsed lung as well as a number of psychological injuries. He has since been focusing on his recovery and credits his dad for really helping nurse him back to health. While it is obviously extremely traumatic and upsetting that he had to go through this near-death experience, we’re just glad that he was able to make it through and recover.

Spy Kitten TV

image: Gab

Continuing on to number four we have Spy Kitten TV, who is also known as Dasha Dasha, who made a lot of videos about the Illuminati and people that she suspected were members. Her last video was posted in July of 2018 and while all of her social media profiles remain up and active, no one has heard from her or seen a post. Since it is possible that she just decided to leave the internet life behind, but it is kind of curious that she didn’t leave any sort of farewell. People have speculated that she was exposing too many secrets and ended up being kidnapped or silenced by the Illuminati while others believe that she met some sort of ill fate in another way. I’m sure those in her personal life know what happened to her and while I wish someone could give us some sort of update, I suppose it really is none of our business unless they decide they want to share. Hopefully, she’s out there somewhere and maybe someday we’ll know what happened and where she went.

Marina Joyce

image: Deadline

Coming in at number three we have Marina Joyce. Marina was a popular makeup and fashion Youtuber and had a large 2.1 million following. People began noticing that something just wasn’t right about her behavior in her new videos feeling like she was more distracted. This led them to believe that she could be scared or in some kind of danger. Eventually, people noticed a gun in the background of one of her videos, bruises on her arms, and people said she wasn’t blinking as much and even swore that they heard her whisper help me. In 2019 Marina ended up going missing for 10 days. While she was missing, her boyfriend was tweeting that she was safe even though the police had an active investigation into her whereabouts and he tried to shut down any claims that he was acting suspiciously, even though it’s super suspicious to say that a missing person is safe when no one knows where they are. After it was confirmed that Marina had been found, she tweeted that she never actually went missing even though like I mentioned before the police were actively looking for her, she claimed that her suspicious boyfriend had been taking care of her. There are a lot of speculations about what happened and why she disappeared at that time, but she claims that she is not in any sort of toxic relationship and just wants her fans to watch her videos and stop worrying. Hopefully, she really is okay and fans were just reading into things that weren’t actually anything, but it’s a super bizarre situation.

Cayleigh Elise

image: Amino Apps

Continuing on to number two we have Cayleigh Elise. Cayleigh was a true crime Youtuber who covered things like missing people and unsolved crimes. In 2019 we did get a heads up from Cayleigh that she would, unfortunately, be leaving the platform due to some health concerns that she was facing, and in a live stream goodbye, she assured fans that she would keep her videos up for everyone to continue enjoying. This is all fine and well, but people got very concerned. A few months later in December of 2019, her entire channel was deleted, It caused a lot of fans to worry about what happened to her and if her health concerns worsened after she left the channel. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an update this year on what happened or what led to the deletion of her channel, but some people have begun re-uploading her videos so that people can continue to enjoy the content. Wherever she is I hope she’s able to take care of her health concerns and focus on herself.

Nicholas Sonderegger

image: Nich Sonderegger

Finishing off this list in our number one spot we have the strange disappearance of Nicholas Sonderegger. Nick was a fairly small but growing Youtuber with 2 000 subscribers and was featured on the Youtube channel Explore With Us. Nick was 28 at the time of his disappearance and was last seen on September 7th, 2018 around 2 30 a.m he had heard a female screaming outside of his home in sultan beach California and went to investigate. After he failed to return home that night, he was reported missing. The next morning some of his clothing that he had left in was found by the search parties, but it is still unknown what happened to him or where he could be. It’s really upsetting that he obviously went to go and help someone who seemed to be in despair and it led him to trouble. This certainly shows his courage and bravery. There is a ten thousand dollar reward for any information that leads to his whereabouts, so if any viewers have information, please contact the imperial county sheriff’s office. Someone somewhere has to know something about where he could be and I hope that one day his family gets answers and closure.

Alright guys that has been our list for today let me know in the comments if you watched any of these Youtubers before their disappearance?

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