Cayleigh Elise where is she now 2023

Cayleigh Elise born on December 1st, 1991 (30 years old) was an American YouTube vlogger. She ran intriguing horror-related YouTube series, including Dark Matters, Unsolved Cases, Nameless, Monsters Among Us, and Behind These Walls. Her videos were mainly about missing people, unidentified bodies, and unsolved murders.

Cayleigh Elise

Cayleigh Elise is good friends with fellow horror YouTubers such as Rob Gavagan and Mortis Media, and she has done collaborations with them in the past. Her popularity began to rise in 2016 due to her entering Rob Dyke’s “So You Wanna Be A YouTuber Contest 2015” where she won.

She first launched her channel in July 22, 2012. And on September 1st, 2015, she published her first video. CAYLEIGH ELISE has earned more than 300,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her most popular video entitled: “The Case of Elisa Lam | DARK MATTERS,” with more than 70,000 total views since it has been posted back in October 6, 2015.

Cayleigh Elise missing

In March 2019, Cayleigh announced that she would be leaving YouTube, citing health reasons for her departure; however, she assured her fans that her content would remain on her channel for people to enjoy.

In late December of 2019, Cayleigh had deactivated her channel and all of her content had been removed from YouTube. And all her other social media accounts have been deleted as well.

As of May 2022, Cayleigh Elise doesn’t have a presence on the internet. She left completely with no apparent explanation as to why she completely vanished.

It’s unknown why Cayleigh Elise deleted her channel, as she promised to keep her content up and also she could still make money from her old videos, though it is said that her content got demonitized from YouTube and that pushed her to delete it all. Anyway, it’s because of this unfortunate occurence, pretty much every video she has ever made is lost.

Cayleigh Elise-dark matters

This, unfortunately, includes the intriguing videos from her “Nameless” series; where she talked about unidentified murder victims in order to shed light on the victims in an effort to identify them. She never went forth to identify anyone, but still it was still extremely noble of her to cover the cases of Jane and John Does that no one else would.

Personally speaking, I miss Cayleigh Elise’s content. She was one of the best true crime Youtubers on the site in my opinion. She was so professional and compassionate in the way she approached her subjects.

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Cayleigh Elise reuploads

When Cayleigh Elise decided to delete her YouTube channel alongside with all her social media accounts, some fans started reuploading her videos to the platform. Indeed, most videos are lost, but some of them are still there for you all to enjoy.

cayleigh elise where is she now

What fans say about Cayleigh Elise ?

Cayleigh Elise

I have recently come into some info around Cayleigh. I was never a fan of her content. Not that I wouldn’t have been, I just didn’t know about her.

I was recently involved with an ex of hers. Another Youtuber who’s handle I won’t reveal publicly but his name is Joel.

He is a monster. Seeing how he has treated multiple women, and experiencing firsthand the horrible and degrading ways he puts people down, I have no doubt he was involved with her leaving. Most of his early videos are narrations of her stories, and he has yet to remove them, and he monetized them all.

As he explained to one of my friends, “She was too depressed and it weighed me down”. When a friend pushed him to elaborate on her disappearance he responded with a demon emoji and said, “she broke my heart so I broke hers”.

Please if any of you know how or where to find Cayleigh, I really want to discuss this with her. This person has put me into the lowest point I’ve been in, in years. I have a gut feeling that he is involved here, somehow.

Cayleigh Elise husband

I wonder if there was another reason, though. Especially since it happened rather shortly after she got married. Maybe it could do with possibly her wanting a family and a better job?

She didn’t want the channel to follow her around. If she decided to have children, they would possibly find the channel. Plus, if she was looking to work somewhere, whether it be behind the scenes social media or something else, the videos could have also been something that may hurt her in the hiring process.

She deleted everything nine months after no longer creating videos so idk. If she had children, I’m sure it’d be painful to see notifications from videos that related to children being harmed.


Cayleigh Elise, if it happens that you come across and read this – thank you! For years of great content created with an unprecedented level of detail and an incredible ability to be empathetic to victims and those left behind.

Now my question for you, dear Outlandishers. Where should I look to fill this void? The first thing I did was to look into the suggestions Cayleigh offered but I felt that all three of them lack the heart and respect. I’ve warmed up to criminally listed but they also walk the line of click-baiting and attention-grabbing for views without regards of victims and their loved ones. (I do enjoy a podcast called Unresolved that show the same level of respect, but I’d prefer more of the same or a new YouTube channel to dive into.)

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