10 Most Dangerous Animals as Pets

Forget dogs and cats, these astonishing pets break all the rules. These deadly animals have all been domesticated by their owners. This illustrates that you can literally think outside the box when it comes to having a pet. If you thought your neighbor’s dog had a mean bark, wait until you see these terrifying pets. These are the 10 most dangerous animals as pets.

Dangerous animals as pets

Little boy and his dangerous python

dangerous animals as pets
dangerous animals as pets – image: Face of Malawi

Most little boys befriend a puppy or kitten but this kid is one of a kind. Sambath found himself with a peculiar playmate after his mother found a tiny snake in their house in Setball village Cambodia. She kept the small serpent after dreaming about a strong snake that protected her family, but little did she expect that the python would grow up to have such an outlandish bond with her son. 3 month-old Sambath adored his new friend so much that they would hug and sleep together in his cradle.

They named the python CAMROEUN which translates to progress in English and the little boy even learned to crawl alongside the baby snake that was just starting to slither before they knew it.

This dangerous creature had grown into a 16-foot long 220-pound snake, but by then their bond was already unbreakable and the boy and the snake’s unusual friendship started to gain attention around the world.

12 miles south from Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh tourists started to travel to check out the kinship between this young boy and the gigantic python. This snake even had its own room complete with a little spirit house where Sambath’s father would pray that the great python would keep their family safe.

However, it looks like this love story has a not so happy ending when this enormous snake bit the boy. The family was forced to give up their fanged family member. Sambath was heartbroken but reportedly told the press that he wants his next pet to be a bunny rabbit.

Russian breakfast with a bear

dangerous animals as pets – image: Daily Mail

Most people would run from this ursine creature but this Russian family welcomed a giant brown bear into their home with open arms. Steppen has lived with the Pantalinco family for over 25 years. After being adopted at just three months old, He had become a real member of the family.

This adorable bear even eats at the table and cuddles up on the couch to watch his favorite shows. Yeah! we know what you’re thinking it’s pretty unusual to live with a huge brown bear, but Lana and Yuri have an exceptionally special connection with this wild animal.

They found Steppen as a tiny cub orphaned in the woods near Moscow and nursed him back to health. Eventually, adopting the bear as if he were their own child. The bear is tamed and has even officiated at a wedding.

Steppen maybe wouldn’t have survived alone in the wild so it seems as though he was so blessed to have been adopted by his human parents. What do you guys think, should wild animals be kept in the zoo?

Kojek the dangerous pet

dangerous animals as pets
dangerous animals as pets – image: Barcroft Animals

We can’t think of a creature that would make much more of an unlikely pet. This domesticated croc lived like one of the family in Bogor West Java for more than 21 years. Erwin and his wife even described Kojek as one of their grandchildren even though he’s 9 feet tall and 900 kilograms.

While owning unusual animals is a known thing in Indonesia, keeping a gigantic crocodile as a pet certainly is amazingly weird. This is one brave couple! They adopted the wild crocodile when it was just a small baby measuring about 10 centimeters. However, this cute animal eventually grew up.

They fed their pet crocodile a whopping 2 kilograms of fish every day. And their human grandchildren even brush the reptile’s teeth with no fear for their safety.

After viral vids of Kojek started to circulate online, officials from the natural resources conservation agency came to remove Kojek from Erwin and his family’s home. Much to their heartbreak, crocodiles are a protected animal under Indonesian law.

Vets put Kojek on a strict diet due to all the treats he had been eating at home. This sad separation was ultimately for the best. Kojek got to live a life more suited for a croc.

Lion cubs for the grandkids

dangerous animals as pets – image: The Telegraph

These unbelievable pets had a rough start in life. When Palestinian refugee Saad Al-Jamal saw these two-month-old lion cubs at Rafah zoo, he fell in love with the captive cats. The zoo had been damaged by airstrikes and so Saad decided to adopt these majestic creatures and take them home to the Al-Shaborah refugee camp in the southern Gaza strip.

These big cats soon became part of the family. They named the female cub Mona and the male one Alex. His six grandchildren loved playing with the cubs and they would run around the apartment and play fight-out in the streets.

However, cute little cubs don’t stay cute little cubs forever. These small lions were starting to grow up and become more and more fearsome. Pretty soon, they were becoming a burden and keeping up with their huge appetites for meat was proving to be expensive.

The animal welfare group four paws intervened, and Alex and Mona were being kept confined inside and took responsibility for the big cats. Maybe lions don’t make the best pets after all.

The hyena man – a dangerous animal as pet

dangerous animals as pets
dangerous animals as pets – image: The Gardian

Hyenas are known for being vicious, ruthless scavengers that will kill humans in a heartbeat. In fact, most communities in Africa will avoid contact with these wild animals at all costs. However, in some countries people have learned to live alongside the cackling hyenas, even feeding and petting them.

In horror, Ethiopia humans and hyenas have lived peacefully for 200 years after a rocky history. Centuries ago, hyenas used to attack townspeople until they came up with a smart solution. They carved holes in the city walls and threw scraps of meat out to keep the bees at bay since then people, like Abbas Yusuf, have used this technique to feed and train the ferocious hyenas. They even attract crowds of tourists.

He’s known as the hyena man. He inherited the unusual skill from his father who also managed to tame these wild beasts in Abuja Nigeria’s capital. There are groups of nomadic people who learn to train the feared hyena as children.

They handle the wild dog with no fear partly due to their unique relationship with hyenas. And partly due to a “mysterious medicine” that the so-called hyena men drank for courage and strength. You can even see these guys commanding the deadly animals to sit and hugging the hyenas. We can’t believe that these menacing animals could really be kept as pets.


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Messi the mountain lion

dangerous animals as pets – image: YouTube

Anyone who lives with a cat will know exactly how fierce and independent these strong-minded felines can be. Now house cats are one thing, but a mountain lion in your apartment is a whole another story.

Mariya and Alexander Dmitriev adopted their puma after spotting him at Saronks zoo and Penza at just eight months old. They fell in love with the furry cub and managed to convince zookeepers to let them take him home. Shockingly they agreed and this brave Russian couple fell in love with their dream pet Messi.

The puma is now 90 pounds, a fully grown adult, and shares a small studio apartment with his new human owners. They even converted their hallway into a lion’s den complete with tree hidey holes and walls made of bamboo. It seems like Messi is living his best life.

Mariya and Alexander take their pampered puma out for walks. They feed him a diet of raw meat, and take him for training sessions four times a week. He even has his very own Instagram account along with 1.4 million followers who tune in to see this wildcats antics.

However, it seems that Messi isn’t totally accepted by everyone in the family. Their other cat a Sphynx hisses and bats Messi away with his paws if he comes too close. That’s one courageous kitty!

Rex the water monitor

dangerous animals as pets – image: YouTube

This definitely isn’t your average pet. In fact, animal experts claim that the water monitor is actually impossible to domesticate due to the fact that they’re so aggressive and dangerous. The water monitor has been known to crush bones in humans and it’s also highly venomous; a bite from one of these giant lizards can cause swelling and excessive bleeding.

They can grow to over 7 feet in length; however, these scary facts didn’t put off the owner of Rex the water monitor. Rex was adopted when he was just two months old and named Rex because he looked so much like a terrifying tyrannosaurus. This huge beast weighs 50 pounds.

It was raised with dogs and it dines on an unusual diet of squirrels and rabbits. While Rex may look harmless, monitor lizards are a growing trend in the United States with more and more people keeping them as pets. Rex even dresses up as a dragon for Halloween. Would you ever adopt one of these terrifying reptiles?

Travis the chimp goes ape

dangerous animals as pets – image: Daily Mirror

One of the most famous cases of exotic pets gone wild is the tale of Travis the chimp. This chimp was raised in Connecticut by Sandra Harold who adopted the wild animal when he was just a small chimpanzee.

The two did everything together and Travis was like any other child, however, as he reached adulthood problems started to arise. This fully grown chimpanzee was insanely strong and super powerful and over the years it seemed as though Travis was starting to question his place in the human world he had been raised in. Disaster struck when the chimp lashed out one day committing a horrific attack that left Sandra’s friend scarred for life.

This totally unexpected triviality took the world by surprise and served as a visceral warning as to how dangerous pet chimpanzees really are.

Jessica the hippo

dangerous animals kept as pets – image: YouTube

Jessica spends her days in the river of hood sprite South Africa and sleeps in her owner’s house by night, yeah, Jessica is no typical pet and this gentle giant is one of the only pet hippos in the world.

The hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa and it’s estimated that they kill around 500 people every year and they’re super territorial, however, Jessica has been raised by her owners Tonie and Shirley Joubert as if she was one of the family.

Her calm and graceful nature makes her one of the most unique hippos on earth and tourists are even invited to join Jessica and the family for feeding time for a small fee. Tonie has a background as a park ranger and took in the hippo when her mother was found lying at the border of Kruger park ever since.

This 2200 pound hippo has been living a happy life at her human family’s beautiful home and putting a smile on thousands of tourist’s faces.

Pet buffalo

dangerous animals as pets – image: Pinterest

Now we’ve seen all kinds of pets before but we’ve never seen a pet buffalo. Jim Sautner is famous in his small town of Spruce Grove and Alberta Canada for bringing his fluffy friend with him wherever he goes.

The enormous creature that goes by the name of Bailey Jr even joins Jim at the bar for a cold beer. This huge 800-pound buffalo was six feet tall and eight feet in length. Baily’s owner believes that he doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body.

Jim and his wife Linda have bottle-fed Bailey Jr ever since he was a baby and the oversized buffalo was treated as though he’s their own child Saunter even had his 987 Pontiac Bonneville converted so that his big buffalo could join him on his road trips. We don’t know about you but this buffalo kind of looks like an awesome pet.

What a wild bunch! I think we’ll stick to our cats and dogs so which one of these dangerous animals could you see yourself owning as a pet? let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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