Top 10 Cute Baby Animals That Will Make You Go Awe!

Is there anything cuter than a newborn baby? I don’t think so. In this article, I’ve listed the most adorable baby animals that ever exist. Whether they’re polar bears or skunks, these little critters are ultra-lovable. Get ready to have your heart melted because these are the 10 cute baby animals .


cute baby animals
cute baby animals

Get ready for a cuteness overload because we’re talking about rabbits. These mini bars of fluff are just way too much to handle. The actual name for a baby rabbit is a kitten and females can give birth to up to nine kittens at one time.

These bundles of cuteness are then left in a nice warm nest while the mother heads out to fetch food. In fact, mother rabbits rarely stay by the nest while their babies are newborn just in case she attracts unwanted attention from predators. She returns only when necessary to feed the kittens with their milk, developing their digestive and immune system for at least eight weeks.

It’s super important that the baby rabbit isn’t separated from the mother at this time so it’s extremely rare that you would ever adopt a rabbit when they’re at this young age even if this is when they’re the cutest. Do any of you guys have pet rabbits? And have you ever seen them give birth to kittens? let us know in the comment section below.


cute baby animals
cute baby animals

The kind and the caring elephant has one of the longest gestation periods in the animal kingdom. For those who don’t know; the gestation period is the length of the animal’s pregnancy. An elephant’s pregnancy lasts roughly twice as long as a human being’s, taking a whopping 18 to 22 months.

Elephant babies are significantly bigger than human infants so they take much longer to develop in the womb. They’re also hyper-intelligent animals with huge brains that take a long time to grow.

So how big are these baby animals? Well, they weigh around 250 pounds at birth and come out of the wound standing at three feet tall. Interestingly, about 99 elephant calves are born at night and experts suspect this is because it’s more calm and peaceful in that environment. Once they make their way into the world, calves will drink about three gallons of milk a day. They even suck their trunk just like babies suck their thumb, now how cute is that!


cute baby animals
cute baby animals

This rare animal is like a real-life Bambi. These tiny antelopes get their name from the alarm call they make when faced with danger. These helpless critters run in a zigzag pattern at high speeds whistling through their noses and making the famous dik-dik sound that they’re so well known for.

They live in eastern and southern Africa. They stand at a tiny 12 inches tall fully grown, weighing a measly seven pounds so you can only imagine how impossibly small and cute their offspring must be. The dik-dik has a mega adorable way of marking its territory; this mini antelope actually uses its own tears to claim its turf, secreting a special fluid from the corner of its eyes and rubbing it on the long grass.

Sadly, these beautiful animals have a lot to cry about. They’re often hunted for their leather and their skin is used to make gloves but because they’re so small, it takes at least two dik-diks to produce one pair of leather gloves. How could anyone kill such a pure creature, just look at that sweet little face.


cute baby animals

Okay, so the whole internet has fallen in love with adorable otters, it’s impossible not to, considering how cute their animal antics really are.

You may know that these semi-aquatic animals have a tendency to hold hands with their loved ones when they’re asleep and even keep their favorite rock safe in their pouch, but did you know that their babies are ridiculously cute

In fact, otter newborns are so adorable that their mom will actually show off their baby when they’re in danger to try and melt the hearts of predators, that’s right otters really do use their kids to try and make their enemies show mercy on them which is actually kind of genius.

These other baby animals are called pups and they’re born blind, they finally open their eyes around 40 days after which their moms get on with teaching them everything they need to know. Did you know that otter pops are deathly afraid of the water? Mom actually has to drag them into the river to teach them to swim. These poor little critters are afraid of everything and we’re not surprised when their parents are exposing them to predators to try and save their own skin.


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cute baby animals
cute baby animals

The fully grown tapir is a weird-looking creature like a strange cross between a boar and an elephant. This odd animal can be found in the rain forest of South America and Asia, foraging for leaves and berries with their unique prehensile snout, but the baby tapir is a lot easier on the eyes; tapered calves are totally adorable and look nothing like their mom and dad, they’re kind of a mix between a sweet baby deer and a little piglet, adding to their cuteness, they also have a stripy dotty fur coat that helps them blend into their forest surroundings, the ability to hide in the woods is incredibly important for baby tapirs as there are all kinds of predators out there looking for young meat. Jaguars, pumas, and anacondas all lurk in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Calves stay by their mother’s side for at least 18 months while they get used to living in the death trap that is the jungle. These little guys are definitely one of the cutest newborn animals we’ve ever seen.


cute baby animals
cute baby animals

Stingray is really one of the cutest baby animals you’d ever see, found in tropical and subtropical waters, the ethereal stingray can grow up to six and a half feet in length and weigh up to 790 pounds, but baby rays are much smaller and definitely cuter; it looks like these newborn stingrays are swimming around with a big smile on their face, how adorable is that!

Stingray is a close cousin of the shark; doesn’t lay eggs but actually gives birth to live young in litters of 5 to 10. These pups are born, they measure in at just 6 inches and they pretty much glide the nest as soon as they’re born.

Stingrays are born with the innate instincts to feed and defend themselves and they swim away to start their own lives almost immediately. It’s kind of like a human being born and going to collect right away. Luckily, this stingray pup will develop a venomous barbed tail to defend itself though, their gentile and timid nature mean that they rarely attack they’re cute but tough.


cute baby animals

We were thinking that skunks could only be cute in Looney Tune cartoons, but real-life skunk babies, though stinky, are pretty adorable. Who would have thought it! Females give birth to a litter of up to 10 kids, each weighing about 35 grams. They’re born without their signature black and white fur coats, but you can still glimpse their striped pattern in their skin pigmentation.

After just eight days, they can let off their iconic stink bomb, it’s kind of like the worst smelling diaper you could ever imagine. They can even produce musk before they can see as their eyes only open after three weeks.

Once they’ve been weaned, these adorable little stinkers follow their mother around everywhere, lining up in a single file line to learn how to hunt and forage. By the time they’re 12 months old, they’re ready to give birth to their own kids, that’s the circle of life we suppose.

Polar bear

cute baby animals

Polar bears may be fierce but their cubs are ridiculously adorable. It’s even hard to believe that these cuddly little bears grow up to be cold-hearted carnivorous killers. A newborn polar bear is a tiny 30 centimeters long when they’re born and weighs less than a pound.

Born almost always in December, these cubs are reared in a maternity den where they will stay safe and shoot from the world into the spring.

During these months, the mother polar bears don’t eat or drink instead they spend all of their time raising these fuzzy little bundles of joy. The mother is so protective of her babies that scientists have even reported mother bears rearing up on their hind legs and launching themselves at research helicopters.


cute baby animals

The seal pup is officially one of the cutest baby animals in the universe. There’s fluffy white hair with big round eyes that look more like teddy bears than tiny marine animals.

Seal pups drink two and a half liters of their mother’s milk every single day, a rich substance that’s around 40 fat. No wonder they put on over 60 pounds a week, however, bulking up is a necessity for the baby seal. That’s because after a month or so their mothers leave them all alone heading back to sea to catch food and maybe even mate again.

These poor little pups are abandoned on the beach sometimes for as long as two weeks. The seal moms don’t even teach them to hunt; these fuzzy little babies just have to figure it out for themselves, wow! Seals sure get a rough start in life.

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cute baby animals

Nope, it’s not a little pink jelly bean, it’s a baby koala known as Joeys. These baby animals are just two centimeters long and weigh less than one gram. Without their signature gray hair and tufty bare ears, this baby is virtually unrecognizable as a koala. They’re born after a brief gestation period of just 35 days, making their way from the mother’s birth canal into her pouch without any help at all, that’s because this cute jelly bean already has heightened senses of smell and touch with powerful arms and an innate sense of direction. Pretty amazing right!

It spends at least 22 weeks tightly tucked away in its pouch before finally opening its eyes and poking its head out to see the world for the first time. Once the Joey has popped out, it’s fed a rather unusual meal to help it grow alongside milk. The mother produces a substance called pap which as it turns out is just another word for koala poop. Yeah! made up of mushy eucalyptus, excrement pap is vital to help the joey transition into solid foods, just think of it as the grossest formula ever, yuck!

Our hearts are officially melted so which one of these cute baby animals was your favorite? You can let us know in the comment section below and subscribe for more awesome Outlandish content.


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