Top 100 Famous YouTubers that died Unexpectedly

Cem Korkmaz

Ben Cem

Cem Korkmaz, son of famed Turkish actor muhittin Korkmaz, was a youtube vlogger widely known for his channel Ben Cem.

He gained popularity for his vlogs, pop culture discussions, and entertaining reviews of new movies. He also was a part-time actor as he appeared in multiple films.

On November 1st 2017, as seemingly out of nowhere, Gem was found dead at home after an apparent suicide. His friends and family would go on to tell the press that he was very resistant when it came to sharing his inner struggles, leaving everyone in the dark as to why he chose to take his own life.


Susan Atwood

youtubers that have died

Although Roman Atwood started out on YouTube as a prankster, his vlogs were what launched him into mainstream stardom. That was where his fans got a glimpse at his life with all of his family members also sharing in that spotlight.

In his video happy birthday dad, millions of fans got their first look at his affectionate mother as well. Susan Atwood couldn’t get enough of her sweet demeanor with her becoming a favorite of the vlogs fanbase.

On May 29th 2019 during an Atwood family vacation, Susan and her grandson were riding around on a scooter when she fell off and hit her head. Promptly, losing all vitals, she was rushed to the hospital where she passed away.

Roman took a short sabbatical from the channel following the tragic incidents and returned with a video entitled I miss her so much which featured a slideshow of her childhood photos.

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John Bain


John Bain, better known by his online Alias TotalBiscuit who was a much beloved video game critic. getting his start in radio, Bain hosted a very popular World of Warcraft show from 2005 to 2010. appropriately titled: World of Warcraft Radio.

After ending the show, John then pivoted his focus to his website and his YouTube channel where he continued to post regular video game related content it was at that point he was approached by a network known as the game station to join their group. There Bain met many of his longtime friends and collaborators including Jesse Cox and Dodger whom he hosted the popular Co optional podcast width.

Sadly, in 2014 John announced to his fans that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer. He quickly began treatment and saw a huge outpouring of support from across the internet landscape. despite the cancer going into remission around 2016, by 2018 things became considerably worse.

Unfortunately, on May 24 2018 John’s wife went to Twitter to announce that he had passed away at the age of 33. she kept cynical brit and the co optional podcasts going in his memory and blizzard even launched a dlc pack for world warcraft in his honor with all proceeds going to support john’s wife and son in their time of need.


James Williams Toby

stobe the hobo

James Williams Toby, or as his fans knew him stobe the hobo, gained notoriety on YouTube for filming and uploading his favorite activity train hopping. In these videos stoke would ride atop different trains and goofily narrate the experience with a heavy Western drawl.

Enough people were entertained by his adventures for him to eventually over 38,000 subscribers.

On November 9 to 2017, Toby died recording one of his train hopping videos. While accounts vary as to how exactly his death occurred. The general belief on the internet is that after becoming trapped on a narrow bridge, an oncoming Amtrak passenger train caught the straps on his bags and swept the 32 year-old under the train.

His family and fans remember him most for being an avid filmmaker and passionate outdoors.


James ray

youtubers that died
youtubers that died

James ray along with his partners Chad and Kurt managed the YouTube channel ClipCritics. Using cutout animation to enliven their assigned characters, the three reviewed viral videos and contemporary political stories by giving their over-the-top commentary.

The series was a favorite in YouTube’s early days with even Philip DeFranco shouting them out in one of his videos. James was a considerable part of the show’s appeal with his role as the character of Zoar on the ship’s nerdy validations seeking crew member.

On August 29 2017, while he and Kurt were on a Google hangout, James had a heart attack. Emergency services arrived at the house after Kurt called them and they took him to the hospital where he would die on the surgical table.

Chad posted a video to the channel three days later where he relayed the story and reminisced on his favorite memories with James. He ends the video by playing James touching last voice message which he sent right before going into surgery.


High On Life

youtubers that died
youtubers that died

Ryker Gamble and Alexey Lyakh were just two of the creators behind the popular Travel Channel High On Life. Across a team of loggers, High On Life brought weekly doses of excitement to their audience. Capturing exotic locations, performing risky stunts, and encouraging their viewers to embrace the unknown.

The channel first made the news in 2016, when they took an illegal detour to film an up-close shot of themselves near the Grand Prismatic spring for their vlog at the Yellowstone Park. The next time their channel name would make headlines the tone would be much more somber.

On July 3rd 2018, Ryker, Alexey and Alexie’s longtime girlfriend Megan Scraper who made appearances in their videos took a trip to Shannon Falls, the third highest waterfall in British Columbia.

While swimming in one of the pools at the top, Meghan slipped on a Ledge and plummeted down nearly a hundred feet. As Riker and Alexi sprung into action to save her, the two plummeted the same fatal plunge down below.

That was the last time anyone saw the three alive. The high on life crew uploaded a video three days later paying respect to their fallen friends. Describing them as three of the warmest, kindest, most driven and outgoing people one could ever meet.


Samantha Jaelle

youtubers that died
Samantha Jaelle

Samantha Jaelle whose real name was Samantha last was a makeup and beauty vlogger as well as a married mother of four.

In September of 2019, as Samantha was taken to the hospital for a severe headache, where she learned that she had an inoperable brain tumor. Her video telling her subscribers about the situation received an incredible outpouring of support.

In the wake of her diagnosis her husband set up a GoFundMe for the family to take one last trip together which raised over 20,000 pounds. Shortly, thereafter Samantha passed away.



youtubers that died

AngelxMikey was the Internet handle of a man named Michael McBride and was a talented animator and artist. Michael got his start making animations on the website Newgrounds before branching out to his very own YouTube channel.

Most of his animations were video game parodies. As the years went on, he began focusing more on speed drawing videos. In addition to his own channel, Michael also did a lot of animation work for a let’s play channel known as PapaFearRiser.

In 2017, Michael uploaded a video about his lifelong struggle with cystic fibrosis. And how after he had been diagnosed as a baby, doctors hadn’t expected him to survive past the age of six. However, through perseverance and force of will, Michael lived into his adulthood to beating the odds.

Tragically, in January of 2019, and Michael passed away due to a failure in his lungs caused by his disease. His death prompted a large outpouring of grief from the online animation community. They stated that they would miss his consistently upbeat and positive attitude.


Tetsu Shiohara

youtubers that died
youtubers that died

Tetsu Shiohara was the online alias of a Japanese vlogger who, while having a presence on YouTube, also uploaded to the site in Niconico. He seemed to enjoy live-streaming his adventures and sharing his various hikes and climbs with the world.

Things changed when Tetsu started a stream entitled: Let’s Go to Snowy Mt.Fuji. Despite Japanese officials warning hikers to stay away from it due to dangerous conditions.

Tetsu clearly struggled with the climb making frequent comments about how cold it was. Suddenly, he began to say: “I’m slipping” and the footage showed him starting to tumble down the mountain before cutting off.

Rescuers were sent out to find him, and two days later they found Tetsu deceased about 3000 meters up the mountainside.


Brody Stevens

youtubers that died
youtubers that died

Brody Stevens was a stand-up comedian and star of a briefly aired Comedy Central show. Fans of his self-deprecating humor found a plethora of it in his YouTube podcasting channel Festival Of Friendship, where he and his co-host would talk for hours.

In his last handful of years, his prospects really start to heat up, with movie appearances, a gig opening for David Spade, and nabbing the last slot of a popular la nightclub. Brody seemed to be doing well in his career, but all of a sudden he vanished.

On February 22nd 2019, following a few days of silence, his close friend Howard swung by his apartment to check in. Though Brody’s car was parked in the lot, he wasn’t answering the door.

Now really concerned, Howard waited for the police to arrive. When they showed up and broke through the door they were greeted with Brody’s corpse lying limply on the floor. He had committed suicide.

His co-host went on to release one final episode of the podcast, where they reminisce about their favorite moments a Brody with several guest appearances.