Who is sssniperwolf dating right now 2022

We all like to know everything about our favorite youtubers, from their lifestyle, pets, and mainly relationships. In today’s article, we will talk about sssniperwolf boyfriends . we will try to answer few questions that people ask like: is SSSniperWolf single? is SSSniperWolf still with her boyfriend? How did SSSniperWolf meet Evan Sausage?

SSSniperWolf has had an on-and-off relationship with YouTuber, Evan Sausage, for a while now. SssniperWolf, who ammased 23 million subscribers on YouTube, talked about how they met in a 2015 video called, “How I Met My Boyfriend.”


This relationship between SSSniperwolf and Sausage when Evan Sausage sent a message to SSSniperwolf on her YouTube account saying, “I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.” This funny weird oppening made SSSniperWolf laugh and thought it was the funniest thing she ever heard, so they started talking in YouTube and then she gave him her phone number.

Sausage — who is has around 500,000 on YouTube — actually catfished SSSniperWolf initially. The first picture he sent was a fake, but when he sent a real photo, the gamer said she actually really liked what she saw, claiming she loved his long hair and his beard. When they first started speaking, they talked every day and got to really know each other. When they finally met, apparently Sausage ran away from her in the airport because he had never had a girlfriend and was so nervous.


SSSniperWolf also said that she has some anger issues and that problem had its effect on their relationship, especially in the beginning. They ended up buying a house together and they would likely get married in the future. However, there were more hurdles to jump over along the way.

SSSniperWolf is the kind of youtuber who shares everything with their followers. Sher talked about her relationship with Evan Sausage in many videos. When they broke up in 2016, she shared YouTube videos of each different stage. On May 24, she shared a video called “WE BROKE UP.” Sssnipertworlf thought that they probably needed to take a break and that Evan needed space. Sausage blocked her on social media.


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On June 9, 2016, she shared another video called “WE GOT BACK TOGETHER,” showing a lovely reunion at the airport. They had so much fun; They rode on limo for the first time and ate delicious food in a restaurant.

On Sept. 28 of that year, she posted another video called “EXPLAINING MY BREAKUP,” SSSniperWolf said that Sausage broke up with her, but non of them wanted to leave the house so they were living together under the same roof as friends. SSSniperwolf admitted that she still likes him and that she doesn’t date anyone during that time.

sssniperwolf boyfriends

In a video titled “ARRESTED,” SSSniperWolf talked about how she had a fight with Sausage inside the house because he changed his phone background to a picture of a random girl. SSSNiperwolf started screaming and a neighbor called the cops. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, as was Sausage, after having a screaming fit. In another video, SSSniperWolf admitted to fans that she and Sausage were arrested in 2013 for armed robbery.

Are sssniperwolf and sausage still dating ?

sssniperwolf boyfriends

As of 2019, the two are in all probability still together, mainly because  we saw a video in which SSSniperWolf’s partner, Evan Sausage filmed her while she was giving a house tour. Also in May, 2020, while filming a Q&A video, SSSniperWolf was asked if she has an ex and she replied with NO. This pretty much explains that the couple is still together that year as well.

They settled down and they lived together. Despite the long relationship, they didn’t post many pictures or videos together. Neither of them has announced a breakup.

From time to time we do get a glimpse of one of them in the other’s social media. So everyone assumed that SSSniperWolf and her boyfriend Evan Susage are still together. However, The two haven’t appeared in each others’ vidoes for so long. They haven’t shared a photo of them since 2019. And they haven’t reffered to each other on their social media accounts. So, we can’t really be sure if they are still together or if they broke up.


Sausage hasn’t shared any new content on his YouTube channel for almost two years now. He never mentioned SSSniperwolf on his Instagram. SSSniperwolf on the other hand has never mentioned him. So, maybe they like to keep all that is going them for themselves, or, maybe, each one them has gone their own seperate way.


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