YouTubers Who Quit : The Real Reasons Why !

Sometimes, we really our favorite youtubers vanish from the platform for ever. Some passed away while go missing without a trace. But others just decide to quit the platform. And sine we talked in our previous articles about: the most famous YouTubers that died unexpectedly, and in another article about: top 10 youtubers that went missing, I think it time to talk about youtubers who quit .


youtubers who quit

Cloe Feldman started her YouTube channel in January 2011. She was 14 years old back then.

Typically, she would make fashion, makeup, and beauty related content. Later, it turned into more comedy-type sketches. She has been on YouTube for about nine years.

Cloe said that that was her official goodbye to YouTube. She then proceeded to say that she was getting tired of hustling to make videos and she said that she has been struggling with having to constantly come up with ideas then edit it and then post it.

She admitted that she can’t live that life anymore. she was so burnt out and at her breaking point so she decided to make the decision to step away from YouTube and focus on herself and music.

Her channel, which contains now 341 videos, has more than six million subscribers and more than a billion views.

Dolan Twins

youtubers who quit
youtubers who quit

Dolan Twins are 21-year-old identical twins who took over the YouTube world in the past few years. Fans got used to seeing them upload every day. They have announced in the past that they would be taking a break because they felt like they were just losing their creativity for the channel. They stated that they were not moving on from YouTube, but that they just needed a break.

Their fans were shocked when the twins recently revealed that they’d be leaving the platform for good on January 14th 2021.

The twins also have a podcast called DeeperWithTheDolanTwins. In a recent episode, they announced that they’re moving on from YouTube and they thanked their fans for all their support.

They explained that they would continue to post their podcasts every week which actually has a separate YouTube channel but that they want to move on from their Dolan Twins channel and work on more challenging projects. Still, it has been a year, they didn’t post anything on either channel.

Their main channel, Dolan Twins, which they launched on March 10th, 2014, has more than 10 million subscribers and almost 2 billion views. And it contains 274 videos.

FaZe Banks

youtubers who quit
youtubers who quit

When the legendary youtuber revealed he was leaving in 2020, fans were both shocked and devastated when he announced his departure. He even admitted that he may never return to YouTube again.

FaZe Banks rose to fame on YouTube all the way back in 2011 for a series of call of duty highlight videos. He then turned towards the entertainer style and started posting vlog videos.

He hasn’t posted anything on his channel for more than three years now. There were rumors saying that he might be coming back in 2023. Obviously fans took this information and ran with it, but he has put these rumors to some kind of rest when he was asked about it he said that he has no plans at all to make a return. Some fans probably got it in their head that he was coming back this coming year.

It seems to me that FaZe Banks has just quit the platform at once and he is not coming back as he stated.

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youtubers who quit

Fans and youtubers alike were shocked and heartbroken when JennaMarbles announced that she was leaving YouTube. Jenna is considered one of the pioneers of YouTube. She was on the platform for around 10 years, however, she has made the painful decision to leave the platform after people have attacked her for her past controversial videos.

On June 25th 2020, JennaMarbles posted a video on her channel entitled A message. In this 11 minute video, Jenna apologized for her past videos claiming that it was never her intention to hurt anyone. She went on to say that she has then privated most of her old content that she believed is offensive and will hurt people.

Throughout this video, she exposes herself and some of her old offensive videos. Many fans have sent her tweets saying that she is unproblematic, but Jenna felt that that statement was wrong. She admits that she has done problematic things in the past and it’s eating her up inside. In her closing words in the video, she said “I’m just here to have a good time, and I don’t think I’m having a good time. So, for now, I just can’t exist on this channel”.

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