Top 10 famous Youtubers that died recently

We’re seeing a lot more YouTubers die recently. And since they often have a much more connected audience than traditional celebrities, it makes many ask the question of what happens when that takes place. This is a question that crosses my mind very often. So I spent some time looking for the top famous youtubers that died recently. We’ll all be discovering the story of every single one of them.

Youtubers that died

Many famous YouTubers died recently. Some passed away as they were filming their videos, and some were involved in fatal accidents, while others suffered from cancer. Quite a few of them took their own lives. You might be surprised by who you will find on this list of YouTubers that died.

Corey La Barrie

youtubers that died recently
youtubers that died

Corey La Barrie was a mid-sized creator that made a plethora of videos with friends in LA, including the likes of David Dobrik.

With many of his challenges gaining hundreds of thousands of views, he seemed to be living the good life, until it was cut short on May 10th 2020, when he was in a car crash with ‘Ink Master’ star Daniel Silva.

Shortly, after the wreck , he was pronounced dead and Daniel was arrested. It was Corey’s 25th birthday.

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Steve Cash

#SteveCash YouTubersThatDied
youtubers that died recently

Steve Cash created his channel in November of 2007, with the primary goal of showcasing his musical talent to the world. However, his life would change forever when he made a video entitled: “Wake up kitty!” in which he engaged in a funny back and forth with his feline Sylvester by replacing the sound of her meows with high-pitched voice overs.

The episodes began to bring in more and more views. Soon enough, the entire channel was renamed from STEVECASH83 to Talking Kitty Cat. These videos brought laughter to millions of fans from the first episode in March of 2008, to its unplanned final episode in December of 2019.

On April 16th 2020, Steve tragically took his own life by shooting himself in the chest. While Steve had previously addressed his struggles with mental health, his disposition was so upbeat and cheerful and his content – that many fans were taken aback by the grim news. He survived by his wife, dog, and of course his creative partner Sylvester.

Caleb Meakins

youtubers that died
youtubers that died recently

Caleb Meakins was an accomplished man before he even started on YouTube. A charismatic entrepreneur, he was giving TEDx talks on humanitarian causes before he reached his late 20s. Though he moved to the UK when he was 8, he always felt a connection to his country of birth Ethiopia.

Caleb was obsessed with rekindling his Ethiopian roots. He bridged his different worlds with the creation of a YouTube channel: Ethiopia In Me . In his first video, he outlined his main goal for the channel; to learn the language, to learn the culture and hopefully teach his viewers something along the way.

Over the next four years, he would go on to achieve all these objectives with eye-opening and educational content.

However, things would take a turn for the worse, when on February 20th 2020, Caleb was due to catch a flight in London when he was the victim of a serious car accident. Even with both of his lungs collapsed and his skull and vertebrae severely fractured in several areas, Caleb managed to linger on to be hospitalized.

Five days later, his family started a GoFundMe page in order to pay for the medical expenses, which exceeded its goal by an astounding 500%. Sadly, Caleb would pass away from his injuries shortly thereafter.

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Qing Han

youtubers that died
youtubers that died recently

Qing Han, known to her fans as Qinni, grew up in a family which disapproved of her artistic passion. Seeking community, she created an account on Deviantart in the late 2000s, where she would go on to cultivate a substantial and enthusiastic following.

Renowned for her generosity and humbleness, Qing kept active correspondence with friends and fans alike, she frequently posted in-depth tutorials

On her YouTube channel with over 400,000 subscribers, she uploaded speed-painting videos to act as step-by-step presentations of her works.

On December 27th 2019 in, two days after Christmas, she revealed via Twitter that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoma and that most had a year and a half left.

Sadly, even this prognosis massively overestimated her condition. on February 10th 2020, she died at the age of 29. Following the announcement of her passing, fans got the hashtag #galaxiesforqinni to trend on Twitter, and many recreated her most iconic piece start freckles as a tribute to her.

Harley Dilly

youtubers that died
youtubers that died

Harley Dilly was a 14 year-old autistic boy living in Port Clinton, Ohio. He made vlog-like content on his YouTube channel. In December of 2019, Harley was reported missing by his father after searching for him over a day. According to his father, he and Harley had gone into a fight the day before after he had broken the boy’s phone.

Apparently, there had been many instances in the past where Harley and his parents had an argument, resulting in the boy running away from home and not returning for a few hours. However, Harley had never disappeared for this long before, causing his parents to start worring. 

Police spent days searching for Harley, checking in at the homes of his friends and at his school. the search gained national attention, and getting reported on by mainstream news outlets.

Finally, after weeks of searching, police found Harley’s unfortunately deceased body On January 13th 2020, trapped in the chimney of an abandoned house in Harley’s home neighborhood, and the wake of Harley’s death some have criticized his parents for waiting so long to contact authorities and have even pressured officials to change the laws for the reporting of missing children.


youtubers that died

Maxie was a prominent youtuber in the five nights at Freddy’s community. Using source filmmaker, Maxie made 3d animated music videos starring the games animatronics. her most popular of which drew over 10 million views.

On January 8th 2020, Maxie posted an Instagram story informing her followers she was heading on a plane with her younger brother.

This flight would turn out to be none other than Ukraine International Airlines flight 752. Following the United States assassination of an Iranian general, the Iranian armed forces were on high state of defensive alert, and mistaking the plane for a cruise missile shot it down.

Maxie and her nine-year-old brother and every other passenger and crew member were killed upon impact.


There you have the most famous youtubers that died recently . While each one of these people lived in a different country, had different religions, and of course came from different backgrounds, the thing that’s binding them all together is that they’ll collectively be missed by hundreds of millions of friends, family members, and fans alike.

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