Top 10 Creepy Places People Got Stuck

From elevators to bathrooms to actual jail, what is the worst place to get stuck in? Well, in today’s article we’re going to cover some of the creepiest places people have got stuck in.

A man stuck in a toilet

image: India today

In 2016 a Norwegian man named Kato Larsen was trying to rescue his friend’s phone when he got himself stuck. The tank of the toilet was located beneath the seat, and that is how he was able to completely lower himself and find himself trapped.

To make this more disgusting, the tank wasn’t connected to a sewage system and it just emptied itself periodically. He was stuck under there with more human waste than probably any of us would like to think of.

He also says that there were many animals down there one of them bit him. The police finally arrived and they were able to rescue him. We reached out to Kato and he said that that was the worst thing he has ever experienced.