Top 10 Creepy Places People Got Stuck

From elevators to bathrooms to actual jail, what is the worst place to get stuck in? Well, in today’s article we’re going to cover some of the creepiest places people have got stuck in.

A man stuck in a toilet

image: India today

In 2016 a Norwegian man named Kato Larsen was trying to rescue his friend’s phone when he got himself stuck. The tank of the toilet was located beneath the seat which is how he was able to completely lower himself and find himself trapped. To make this uncomfortable situation, just a little disgusting, the tank wasn’t connected to a sewage system and it just emptied itself periodically, so he was stuck under there with more human waste than probably any of us would like to think of. He also says that there were many animals down there one of them bit him. The police finally arrived and they were able to rescue him, but he still says it’s the worst thing he’s ever experienced.

Grandmother stuck in her bathroom

A 69-year-old French woman had her bathroom lock break, after her trapping herself inside. the woman ended up banging on the pipes to try and get someone’s attention, but her neighbors dismissed the noise saying that they thought it was workmen carrying out some renovations. Luckily, she had tap water, in order to, at least, stay hydrated, because it was three weeks until she was finally found. She was rescued by the police after neighbors began to complain of the persistent noise, she was apparently not in a very good state when she was found as I can imagine, but she was quickly treated at the hospital.

Stuck in an elevator

image: Daily Mail

Nicholas White was working in the Mcgraw-Hill building in New York City on October 15th, 1999. He went downstairs to the street to have a cigarette, on his way back he took the building’s express elevator since he worked on the 43rd floor. The elevator suddenly stopped, he hit the alarm in the elevator but nothing happened. He sat waiting, hoping that it wouldn’t take long for people to realize that the elevator isn’t working, after quite some time had passed and no one realized he began to panic and he tried to open the elevator doors but once he got them opened he realized that there’s just a concrete wall, o Nicholas ended up being stuck for 41 hours in total with only his wallet, three matches, and his cigarettes. He was in total silence for most of the time because he had to turn the alarm off after it began to give him auditory hallucinations. One of the craziest parts of this is the fact that there was surveillance footage of the whole thing, there was a camera recording the whole thing at his place of work, and no one noticed for 41 hours. After five shift changes in security guards, someone finally saw Nicholas sleeping on the floor on the security camera. This guard thought that it was a homeless person who snuck up to the building. Nicholas was rescued eventually.

A repairman inside an ATM

In July of 2017 in Corpus Christi, Texas a man was working to fix a lock in a room behind the bank of America cash point. Well, the man actually ended up locking himself in and couldn’t get out. He realized that he also left his phone in his car so he was unable to even call for help, but if he could just get someone’s attention, he could get them to phone his boss so that he could escape. The man began sending notes through the receipt slot asking for help and with his boss’s phone number attached to it. Unfortunately, most of the people who got the notes thought that a prank was being pulled on them. Finally, one person decided to check it out, they called the number and the repairman was freed out.

 Stuck in a psychiatric hospital

A story that I really cannot believe a Hungarian man named Andres Thamus, he was a German soldier who was a prisoner of war during world war ii. After being captured by the Soviets in 1944, Andres, unfortunately, had some sort of PTSD from being in the gulags and was unable to tell anyone who he was or why he was there. He ended up being transferred to a psychiatric hospital and was forgotten about. He was there so long that the staff who knew how he had ended up there from the war had all passed on to retirement or had gotten new jobs and none of the new people ever opened up his files to get any background information, so these people taking care of him thought he was just some crazy guy who couldn’t speak Russian and just utter the gibberish and no one ever thought to look more into who he was or how long he’s been there or, how about this, when is his release date. This went on, believe it or not, into his late 90s. He was stuck there for half a century, that’s 50 years. A doctor visiting the facility finally recognized that Andres wasn’t speaking gibberish and this doctor finally opened up his medical file and realized who he was. Andres was finally returned home after all those years of being stuck and misunderstood.

A man entangled in an electricity pylon

image: The Telegraph

In august of 2017 in Hutton Lancashire, a 36-year-old man became entangled and stuck in an electricity pylon hanging 65 feet above the ground. Unbelievably lucky at the fact that the 275 000 volt line that he had found himself entangled in had been shut off due to maintenance because if it wasn’t he would have been instantly killed, but he was still in a precarious situation of dangling 65 feet above the ground. It’s super unclear as to how he ended up climbing all the way up there and how he ended up getting entangled, but he was finally safely rescued and transported to the hospital just to be sure he was unharmed.

20 people stuck in the air

image: South China Morning Post

A rollercoaster malfunction that left 20 people stuck in the air. On September 5th, 2020 at an amusement park in Wooxy east China which is located in Shangshu province, a roller coaster ended up malfunctioning mid-ride and left 20 people stuck for over an hour. It is said that the roller coaster stopped because some sort of foreign object perhaps a bird flew into the roller coaster sensor that triggered a security response stopping the roller coaster immediately. The passengers of the roller coaster were saved and all of them made it through uninjured. The park was reopened the following day because they can’t be losing money.

A man was forgotten about in solitary confinement

A college student named Daniel Chong was hanging out with his friends one day when the police ended up crashing his friend’s house and taking everyone to jail. It happens that Daniel fell on a stroke of bad luck and that’s because he was hanging out with his friend who was a drug dealer, he had no idea about. After some further investigations, authorities realized Daniel was just an innocent bystander and they put him in a solitary confinement cell, just until they were ready to release him, but Daniel had such bad luck and he was actually forgotten about for four whole days in a windowless cell without food and water, on top of it all he was still handcuffed. I can’t even imagine how scared he probably was; he probably thought that he was going to die there. Finally, he was found and immediately taken to the hospital where he was treated for dehydration, kidney failure, cramps and he had a perforated esophagus. Daniel was 15 pounds lighter than when he entered the cell. I’m so glad he was found before anything worse happened to him. Maybe if another day went by, he wouldn’t have been able to make it to the hospital.

A girl stuck in an elevator

A French girl got stuck on an elevator for three whole days. She was 19 years old at the time and got on the elevator in the building she lived in when it suddenly got stuck. When the girl’s father didn’t hear from her for a while, he got worried and called the building concierge to tell them that maybe she was stuck in the elevator. The concierge and a repairman went to check the elevator but didn’t find anyone and didn’t hear any alarm. The next day the father called the police to report her missing and also to file a complaint of non-assistance to a person in danger, which is a crime in France. Finally, three days later a repairman who had come to do some work heard a soft cry coming from the elevator and she was finally found. It is unclear why she hadn’t called out for help earlier, but the important thing is that she was found and rescued.

Stuck with a moving truck

image: Toronto Star

In our number one spot today we have the story of Ben Carpenter. Ben is a 21-year-old man. One day he was trapped in his electric wheelchair by his seatbelt crossing an intersection in Paw Paw, Michigan. As he was crossing the street the opposite light turned green just as he was in front of a semi-truck and the truck began to move. Well, Ben’s wheelchair handles got stuck in the grille of the truck, and ben was taken on a ride with the truck for several miles, going 50 miles an hour. Thank goodness, he was strapped in and the truck was finally pulled over by some undercover police officers who just happened to be in the area. The driver had no idea that any of this was going on. Ben was rescued and he was uninjured. I have no idea how, but he was still taken to the hospital just as precautionary.

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