9 Most Powerful Ways to Increase Your Happiness in 2022

Happiness is a weird emotion. As children, we experience it quite a lot. But as the years pass, sometimes happiness is harder to find. It may be because of our relationships, or our jobs, or our financial situations, or family members who fail to accept us for who we really are. Life is hard, but happiness keeps us moving.

That’s why it’s crucial to find certain ways to smile, even if it’s just for short moments at a time. It’s essential to remind ourselves that we are worthy. And we really are – every one of us.

Trying to recover after 2020 is going to be really hard, especially since the world didn’t change the moment the New Year 2022 stepped in. We’ll still need to get over a few hardships before ever hoping to get back to any kind of “normalcy.” And that, by itself, may cause your happiness to drop. That’s why it’s necessary to master a few sure ways to be happy.

Go for a walk and listen to music

Choose a day that’s bright and sunny. Then go on a wonder. Find a song that you like — filled with either happy nostalgic hits that draw a smile on your face or relaxing music you can play in the background. Don’t worry about setting a fast pace or walking for a long distance. Instead, take time to yourself.

Spend your walk enjoying nature, whether it’s a dozen trees lining your way or head into the forest or a public park. This walk will enable you to clear your mind and get moving. It’ll take you away from the tension you’ve felt before. It’s a temporary relief — and a fine way to find happiness.

Look through old Social media memories

OK, so maybe you were the kind of person who used to post silly jokes and photos back in 2007. But surely there are some great uplifting posts you shared around that time, as well. Looking back at old photos can be therapeutic. They are a lovely reminder of the good influence you have had on others. It’s also scientifically proven to create a difference. You should know that any change good or bad is stressful, so what nostalgia allows you to do both cognitively and emotionally is keep track of what has remained stable, giving you a sense of continuity that grounds you.

Write a letter to a grandparent, or an old friend

Staying in contact with people you love is very uplifting. The act of writing itself is very uplifting too. If you’re the type of person who hasn’t written anything down on paper since school, you might want to try buying a notebook and good pens. Writing is very therapeutic. Pair that with the warm memories you have of your recipient and it’s bound to be an activity that puts a genuine smile on your face. Getting real mail will make the other person’s day, too.

Watch your favorite movie or video

Want to be happy? Put on your favorite funny video or movie. Not only will it allow you to get out of your groove, but it may remind you of old friendships and inside jokes. Even if the movie isn’t all that great according to IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes, anything that makes you amused is always a winner. You don’t have to show the movie to your family or friends or those who haven’t seen it before, because then you’ll worry about what they think of it. This screening should be just you, or you and others who also love it.


Stretching is a great way to warm up our bodies and start the day positively. Stretching is a fast way to alleviate stress and weariness. It’s also a free, healthy way to focus on yourself. Pay attention to your body parts as you stretch, and take time to really feel each stretch as it happens. As a bonus, you’ll also enhance your flexibility.

Try Meditation

The internet can be a great place to find guided meditations. But even closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can bring some joy. I personally found out that meditation can help you reset your happiness set-point. That means that it’s very possible to positively rewire your brain and become happier in general. If you’re naturally more susceptible to being overly stressed out or worried, meditating on the rag can relax those overactive parts of your brain, and activate the areas responsible for pleasure and happiness.

Turn off social media for some time

It may be tough, especially if you use it for socialization. But stepping away for a bit can help you become happier, especially if you often use it to compare your situation to others’. It isn’t surely a healthy habit to get into. Live each moment for yourself. Try not to post anything significant for a while. Keep those special moments to yourself for now. It’s nice getting genuine innate satisfaction out of your activities and family, instead of seeing how many comments and likes they can get.

Tide your workspace

Taking some time every day to organize and clean up your workspace won’t only help you focus but also keep you happy. Personally clutter negatively impacts my mental health, so it always makes sense to quickly organize any lingering piles that happen to form where you work. Whether it’s in the office or at home, it’s important. And it’s also backed by science. A study reports that every hour of tidying and cleaning you do per week will enhance your overall happiness by 53 percent, which is huge.

Read a chapter of a great book daily

Books are a wonderful way to escape stress. And if you happen to choose a physical hardcover book, it’s one less screen you’ll have to look at. It is shown that reading, similar to meditation, can bring our brains into a joyful state, and it brings the same health benefits of inner calm and deep relaxation. You should know that regular readers sleep better, have lower anxiety levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of stress and depression than non-readers, and I can gratefully relate to that. Sounds like a win-win all around.

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