Most Famous YouTubers That Died – Top Ten List

When a Youtuber dies, it makes their followers ask the question of what happened. This is a question that crosses our mind very often. So we, at Outlandisher, spent hundreds of hours looking for the famous youtubers who died.

Here are 10 famous Youtuber dies

Auntie Fee

youtuber dies
youtuber dies

Auntie Fee was the online alias of Felicia Odell, who became famous in 2014 through a series of simple videos in which she cooked low budget meals in her kitchen. Her crass personality quickly drew the attention of audiences, getting her hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers.

This online popularity eventually translated into mainstream success, and on TV had the opportunity to collab with celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Harvey and Snoop Dogg, as well as, making appearances on shows such as The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Unfortunately, on March 14th 2017, Felicia suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, where she died four days later.

Bianca Devins

YouTubers who died
youtuber dies

Bianca Devins was a teenager from New York with a modest social media presence. On the night of July 14th 2019, while she was on her way home from a concert, Bianca was attacked and killed by an unknown assailant.

After the murderer, her attacker posted horrifying images of Bianca’s body to Discord and Instagram, sparking a reaction of shock and disgust by the Internet.

In the wake of the murderer, many people cited Bianca’s death as an example of the danger youtubers face every day on the Internet, believing her killer may have been an online stalker.

However, upon further investigation law enforcement had determined that Bianca may have known her attacker in real life, and his attack was done out of jealousy as she didn’t reciprocate the feelings he had for her. Still no matter the reason he had for killing her, Bianca’s death is a tragic example of emotion taken to the extreme.

Brody Stevens

youtuber dies
youtubers that died

Brody Stevens was a stand-up comedian and star of a briefly aired Comedy Central show. Fans of his self-deprecating humor found a plethora of it in his YouTube podcasting channel Festival Of Friendship, where he and his co-host would talk for hours.

In his last handful of years, his prospects really start to heat up, with movie appearances, a gig opening for David Spade, and nabbing the last slot of a popular la nightclub. Brody seemed to be doing well in his career, but all of a sudden he vanished.

On February 22nd 2019, following a few days of silence, his close friend Howard swung by his apartment to check in. Though Brody’s car was parked in the lot, he wasn’t answering the door.

Now really concerned, Howard waited for the police to arrive. When they showed up and broke through the door they were greeted with Brody’s corpse lying limply on the floor. He had committed suicide.

His co-host went on to release one final episode of the podcast, where they reminisce about their favorite moments a Brody with several guest appearances.

Sean Stephenson

youtubers that died
youtubers who died

Dr. Sean Stephenson was a therapist, author, and motivational speaker. He was born with a genetic disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease, which results in fragile bones and stunted growth.

Because of these effects, Sean had a height of merely three feet and was bound to a wheelchair for his entire life.

He first began motivational speaking at the age of 17 but quickly went back to school to become a therapist to ensure he was giving insightful advice to his followers. Soon enough, his career as a celebrity speaker was booming with him earning a minimum of fifteen thousand dollars per appearance.

Despite this mainstream success, Sean hopped on the YouTube train rather early; creating his channel in 2006, on which he uploaded clips of his speeches and TV appearances, and also more personalized contents, such as daily vlogs in the occasional dance party.

On August 28th 2019, Sean suffered a concussion after an accident. Due to the some complications with a surgery, Sean died at 40 years of age. He is survived by his wife Mindy.

Harley Dilly

youtuber dies
youtuber dies

Harley Dilly was a 14 year-old autistic boy living in Port Clinton, Ohio. He made vlog-like content on his YouTube channel. In December of 2019, Harley was reported missing by his father after searching for him over a day. According to his father, he and Harley had gone into a fight the day before after he had broken the boy’s phone.

Apparently, there had been many instances in the past where Harley and his parents had an argument, resulting in the boy running away from home and not returning for a few hours.

However, Harley had never disappeared for this long before, causing his parents to start worring. 

Police spent days searching for Harley, checking in at the homes of his friends and at his school. the search gained national attention, and getting reported on by mainstream news outlets.

Finally, after weeks of searching, police found Harley’s unfortunately deceased body On January 13th 2020, trapped in the chimney of an abandoned house in Harley’s home neighborhood, and the wake of Harley’s death some have criticized his parents for waiting so long to contact authorities and have even pressured officials to change the laws for the reporting of missing children.

Zack TV

youtuber dies
youtubers that died

Zack TV was a YouTube channel founded in 2009 by a man by the name of Zack stoner. The channel was mainly dedicated to documenting Chicago’s hip-hop scene as well as the culture surrounding it.

In its times, that TV was a relatively successful channel gaining over a hundred and seventy thousand subscribers over its lifetime.

On may 30th 2018 while driving home from a concert at Chicago’s refuge nightclub, Stoner was shot and killed before crashing his Jeep into a nearby light post.

Witnesses claimed to have seen at least four people flee the scenes together in another car, leading police to believe the shooting was gang-related. Many suspect that Stoner was killed due to his reporting on the Chicago gang world. But to this day no arrests have ever been made for the case.

Esther Earl

youtubers that died #Youtubers_that_died #YoutubersThatDied
youtubers that died

Esther Earl was a young YouTube vlogger who became friends with John Green of the Vlogbrothers after meeting him at a Harry Potter convention in 2009. After their meeting, she became heavily involved in the vlogbrothers fan community and forged a close friendship with the John over the Internet.

On top of that, she was also heavily involved in charity work even helping a nonprofit organization designed to help survivors of human rights violations known as the Harry Potter Alliance.

Unfortunately, Esther was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 12 and had been struggling with it for her entire time on the Internet. She fought bravely until the bitter end.

On August 25th 2010, she passed away in her memory her parents started the charity this star won’t go out designed to help families of children suffering from cancer. Additionally, John and his brother Hank celebrate the holiday called Esther day every year on her birthday August 3rd the event brings together dozens of YouTubers from across the site to raise money for charity.

It’s clear that John’s friendship with Esther meant a great deal to him as he even loosely based his novel The Fault in Our Stars on her story.

Grandpa Kitchen

Grandpa Kitchen
Grandpa Kitchen

Narayana Reddy was the owner of a channel called Grandpa Kitchen which started in August of 2017. In his videos, Reddy would sit in a field and make huge portions of food ranging anywhere from pizza, hamburgers to cuisine from his home country of India.

He attracted an audience fairly quickly as people were endeared by his calm cheerful demeanor, as well as, his generous nature since all proceeds earned from the videos, went directly to charities to help orphans.

Reddy had no intention of profiting off of success. He simply wanted to make people happy, as well as, make the world a better place.

Sadly, on October 27th 2019,  Reddy passed away at the age of 73. Upon hearing the news, many of his fans took to Twitter to honor his memory. Some mourning him as though he were their own grandfather.

Today, Reddy’s mission and channel are continued by his family and team in order to continue the good work he did for the world.

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youtubers that died
youtubers that died

Trevor Heitmann and known to his fans McSkillet was a youtuber best known for making content related to the popular game CS.GO. He managed to amass over 800,000 subscribers to his channel by mainly making videos discussing the real-world value for weapons and skins from the game.

While maybe not apparent to many subscribers, McSkillet was a very troubled individual.

On August 23rd 2018, Trevor got in his car and began speeding the wrong way down a highway at a hundred miles per hour in an apparent suicide.

The last moment of his life was him ramming head-on with an oncoming SUV. Killing not only himself but the occupants of the other car, namely a 43 year old woman and her 12 year old daughter.

John Bain

youtuber dies
youtuber dies

John Bain, better known by his online Alias TotalBiscuit who was a much beloved video game critic. getting his start in radio, Bain hosted a very popular World of Warcraft show from 2005 to 2010. appropriately titled: World of Warcraft Radio.

After ending the show, John then pivoted his focus to his website and his YouTube channel where he continued to post regular video game related content it was at that point he was approached by a network known as the game station to join their group.

There Bain met many of his longtime friends and collaborators including Jesse Cox and Dodger whom he hosted the popular Co optional podcast width.

Sadly, in 2014 John announced to his fans that he had been diagnosed with bowel cancer. He quickly began treatment and saw a huge outpouring of support from across the internet landscape. despite the cancer going into remission around 2016, by 2018 things became considerably worse.

Unfortunately, on May 24 2018 John’s wife went to Twitter to announce that he had passed away at the age of 33. she kept cynical brit and the co optional podcasts going in his memory and blizzard even launched a dlc pack for world Warcraft in his honor with all proceeds going to support john’s wife and son in their time of need.

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