5 Things successful people would never do (so you shouldn’t either)

There is no one-and-only road to success that is the same for everyone. However, there are some things successful people never do, which most unsuccessful people do not know.

That’s what I am going to talk about in this blog post. In case you fell prey to some of these bad habits. then I encourage you to get rid of them in order to raise your chances of success.

1. Successful people don’t speak negatively of themselves

The way you talk to yourself is so important because it affects how you feel about yourself, the things you can achieve in your life, how others perceive you, and how you interact with everybody else.

Researchers found that motivational self-talk allows us to perform better in any task. In other words, you should speak positively to yourself in order to effectively pursue your goals and eventually join the successful people realm.

2. Successful people never stop learning

Successful people are good life-long learners; they keep reading books on their field of work, they socialize with like-minded people and learn from them, and they try and they may fail then learn from their failure.

I’ve had a friend who works as a designer. When he designs something for a client, he would ask me for my opinion. Out of courtesy, I would tell him that he did a great job and that his design is perfect, but he never liked that answer. Instead, he would feel delighted when I criticize his work. When I asked him about that, he said: criticism encourages me to act better than compliments.

So always learn from others and ask them for their honest feedback, for it is one of the best ways to improve on your work.

3. Have no plan

In a Rally, we see a person sitting next to the driver holding a roadmap. He guides the driver throughout the race; telling him what to expect, when to turn right and when to turn left. Without that person, the driver will get off track and he may crash into hurdles and quit.

All successful people have that person in their lives. That is called a plan; A detailed plan of how they’re going to achieve their goals.

You should make a plan of the different stages and steps of reaching your goal; a plan helps to keep you on track, know what to expect and get ready for it, and most importantly clarifies your vision for your future self.

4. Constantly compare themselves

While some people are better at handling this than others, it is a normal thing for us to care about what others think about us. However, successful people never compare themselves to others.


You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people because your circumstances are totally different and you actually don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life.

The only thing successful people compare themselves to, and you should too, is their past self. This is a great way to improve and thrive.

5. Believe in luck

Successful people actionably believe that luck comes to those who work for it. When you put in hard work and invest your time and effort in something, luck tends to come your way.

Keep your eyes wide-open for good opportunities, make wise decisions, and expect good and good will find you. That’s what people call LUCK, and I call it an intentional improvement.

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