Impressions come true

Our pre-formed impressions are highly responsible for the creation of our perspectives towards others and the way we deal with those people. say for example that you have an impression about someone that he’s cunning. we’re going to treat that person in that way, and we’ll treat him rudely and cautiously, and he might not deserve that. when he realizes the way you treat him, he’s going to treat you the same. because every action has a counterpart reaction. here, you’re going to feel that your first impression about that person is right from the beginning.

This is an example of impressions we unconsciously work our way to prove them right. our unconscious ability to realize such impressions is what I call Realized Impressions. It explains how our impressions affect our behavior.

It is really dangerous that we have first impressions and pre-formed opinions about almost everything and everybody. we treat people according to some standards that we formed based on our past experiences. say for example having a racist idea about an ethnic group and treating everyone we think belongs to that group in a bad way. that makes the other person treat us the same way, and that approves our views about them, and we become more certain about the awful ‘truth’ ethnic group.
we find this social phenomenon everywhere; between father and son, the employer and the employee even between nations.

the positive side of this phenomenon is that it works competently the same when it comes to mistrust. that is to say, when you trust someone completely the other person tends to trust you the same way. that makes you believe that your assumptions about that person being trustworthy are true, so you trust them more and they trust you more themselves.

I remember when I was a kid, I went to a grocery store and bought some things. I didn’t have enough money. the grocer assured me that it was okay and that I could bring him the rest of the money some other day. I made sure to bring him his money that day because I didn’t want to break the trust he put in me. that same grocer trusted me with bigger amounts of money. I would even borrow money from him, and he’s always certain that his money is going nowhere.

This way of embodying righteous impressions might constitute the foundation of every relationship between a father and son, teacher, and student, even between nations.

Anyway, these are some examples that came to my mind at the moment. I’m all confident that you’re capable of implementing the positive side of the phenomenon in the way you deal with people. trust other and they shall trust you. be good and good shall come to you. never lose hope and life flourishes in your face.