Andrew Tate girlfriend Sofia accused him of violence

Andrew Tate girlfriend Sofia said that Andrew encouraged her to work for him, before becoming controlling and violent.

Andrew Tate girlfriend Sofia

The ex-girlfriend told BBC “It’s very difficult because I don’t feel like a victim – all of the choices I made were of my free will. He didn’t bundle me up into a bag, throw me in the back of a lorry and drive me there,”

“But he knew what he was doing. At what point does the emotional or psychological manipulation turn into being forced to do something?”

Andrew Tate – and his brother Tristan – are in custody in Romania while police investigate allegations of rape and trafficking.

The prosecutors claimed that the two brothers attracted victims by charming them and making up their desire for a relationship. The victims were then coerced or persuaded to work in their chat rooms for adult entertainment.

Andrew Tate’s girlfriend accused him

The ex-girlfriend said that that is what happened to her. And she is now helping prosecutors with their investigation. She stated that Andrew approached her out of the blue on Facebook and that he was very charming.

Andrew Tate girlfriend explained “He was sort of luring me into believing that he was somebody that I could trust and someone that genuinely wanted to build a connection with me,” she told BBC.

She claims there were no warning signal or signs in their interactions, which were typical of two people getting to know one another. She agreed to visit him in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, after speaking with him online.

The ex girlfriend said that everything in her life felt a little drab and boring at the time, so the thought of her taking an adventure just seemed appealing.

As their relationship grew, she frequently traveled to Romania to see Andrew. He initially said he wanted her to be his girlfriend but soon started pursuing her to work in his company.

She told BBC that Andrew tried pursuing her saying “You should do it, you’d make a fortune, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to do it. I make enough money,”

andrew tate girlfriend sofia
andrew tate girlfriend sofia

He kept reminding her that she had the choice, which evolved into, “If you love me, you would do it.” We can make all this money if you care about me, so please do it’’.

Gradually, after patiently chipping away at her, he convinced her that perhaps she ought to follow his advice.

She was amenable to the idea because she had experience working in the adult entertainment sector. She claims, however, that she felt under duress and was afraid of losing him if she objected.

Tate outlines how he ran his webcam company on a now-deleted part of his website; in many respects, his tale resembles his girlfriend’s.

In the ten years he claims to have ran his studio, he asserts that more than half of his staff members were his girlfriends, and none had ever worked in the adult entertainment sector. This is in conflict with his girlfriend’s story.

Andew Tate’s girlfriend claims that after Andrew took a 50% cut, she made about £800 for her six hours of work. The BBC was informed by industry insiders in Romania that this was typical for webcam studios.

Andrew Tate mistreated his girlfriend

According to Andrew’s ex girlfriend, Andrews’ treatment of her deteriorated with time. She alleges that he was violent and his behavior became more controlling, fining her with cash whenever she left the house without his consent.

“There was some disagreement… he held me up against the wall and he slapped me really hard and followed it with ‘you whore,'” she says.

She continued by saying that rough sex evolved into something she had not authorized. “Most of the violence was sexual, that’s obviously something that he’s into”. She thinks that Andrew enjoys having total power over the woman and having the sense that he is able to end her life at any moment.

She confessed that she was wanted to make him happy, and that he used to choke her till she once blacked out, and that she believes that when that happened, Andrew panicked because he realized he had gone too far.

Sofia broke up with Andrew

Andrew’s ex claims that she eventually ended the relationship after realizing it was wrong to constantly feel inferior.

“I realised I couldn’t live like that anymore and that it wasn’t normal. I just had to get away from it,” she explained.

She calls Andrew a “very complex man” who differed greatly from the persona he projected online, where he is renowned for his loud rants frequently captured on camera smoking a cigar or surrounded by his super fancy cars.

She thinks that he is “very manipulative” and “narcissist” and that he lacks empathy. The girlfriend claimed that Andrew isn’t emotionally capable of feeling love for any person or anything.

According to BBC, all these allegations were put to Tate through his lawyer, but the Tate brothers would not comment on the allegations, according to Mateea, who takes care of media requests for them.

Six women have been identified as probable victims of trafficking, according to Romanian investigators. However, two of the women publicly denied last month that they had been mistreated by the Tate brothers, and other women have given the BBC favorable testimonials about their interactions with Tate.

The brothers, who have been detained since December 29 together with two Romanian women, have not yet been charged by the police. The accusations made against them have been refuted.

Andrew Tate’s attorneys have stated that he denies all of the accusations made against him.

andrew tate girlfriend sofia

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