10 things to look forward to in 2022

Sure, 2021 was hard on most people with Corona being around; we lost some loved ones and many countries struggled financially.

But let’s have faith. Good things are going to take place in 2022, right?

There are many things that were canceled in 2020 and we are sure to a great extent that they’re going to be back in 2022. Also, there are plenty of commonplace activities that we have taken for granted in the past that would return to our lives, things like not being uneasy about getting on a plane and hugs.

Traveling and large gatherings

image: Flickr

Raise your hand if you are like most people planning to go on a vacation as soon as the pandemic gets better. Even if you’re not planning a huge escape once the vaccination prevails, just the idea that you could travel is kind of comforting. And you know what’s better than a trip? A nice big get-together with friends.

The Tokyo Olympics

image: Pixabay

Because of the pandemic the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed, but are now scheduled for July 2021.

NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars

image: Pixabay

Mars will get a new small inhabitant when NASA’s ‘Perseverance rover’ lands in February.

Widespread Covid-19 immunity

image: Modern Healthcare

Indeed, for any of these good things to take place, we need safe-pandemic-practices, and a Covid-19 vaccine that’s available to everyone. Many countries are starting to implement vaccination plans, and there are more vaccine authorizations on the way. It is going to take a while – experts say we may not see signs of “normal” until the second half of the year. But, oh, it is worth waiting for.

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New climate policies and action

image: Climate Home News

The world’s climate plans were supposed to get on track in 2020. But … they didn’t. 2021 surely would be better! The EU alongside with several industrial countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Canada have all started investing in clean energy alternatives. Also we may see more silver linings this November at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

The presidential Inauguration

image: Wikimedia Commons

Presidential inauguration is indeed a piece of history. So this month, January, all eyes will be on the US when Joe Biden assumes the presidential duties.

New TV shows and movies

image: Wikimedia Commons

Whatever happens with your social agenda, your TV watching agenda is definitely packed with new movies and TV shows and new seasons.

Drone delivery

image: Wikimedia Commons

Amazon, Walmart, UPS, and other companies are advancing their drone plans, so don’t be shocked if packages start landing at your door soon. Amazon’s drone delivery service Prime Air got the go-head earlier in 2020.


image: Pixabay

4G, 5G, and 6G refer to the level at which your internet performs. That’s why lots of people were eager about 5G. Well, things are going to get even better and faster when more 5G networks prevail worldwide. Moreover, this next generation (6G) will help improve things like distance learning, teleworking.

Artificial intelligence. Everywhere.

image: Pixabay

Artificial intelligence technology has been a huge focal point for a while now, but in 2021 we’ll see it show up in even more domains. Imagine, for example, everything AI can do to help us interpret and use medical and scientific data. Let alone what AI has been doing to help more businesses make smarter decisions about customer behavior.