10 best giant dog breeds that make great pets

While some people prefer small dogs others feel that there’s nothing better than giant dogs with hearts as big as their bodies. Extra-large dog breeds have been used as guard dogs, working animals, and trusted companions of humans for centuries across the world, but while most very big dogs make great pets some are clearly better convenient for family life than others. In this article, I’m going to talk about the top 10 best giant dog breeds that make great pets. If you are a dog lover, please subscribe to our blog to get the latest articles. Let’s jump on it:

Neapolitan Mastiff

Image: Wikipedia

The Neapolitan Mastiff is an Italian breed with ancient roots that can be traced back to the roman army’s dogs of war and they were later kept as guard dogs this breed is known for its loose skin, distinct wrinkles, and massive bones, and a lumbering gait. It is loyal and protective though generally gentle.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Image: Pixabay

The Dogue de Bordeaux is from France. An adorable slobbery hunk of a pooch, it’s a gigantic canine with a big head that may look dangerous however the variety is typically very delicate and faithful. The French Mastiffs are very loyal, protective, and devoted to their family. They love to be with the family members. The French mastiffs are also kind to children and can get along with other pets in the family.

Bernese mountain dog

Image: Pixabay

The Bernese mountain dog is a versatile farm and working dog. The Bernese mountain dog is strong, confident, and intelligent, and makes an easy-going companion with a calm Demeter, and loving personality. The breed tends to do well with children although it can be stiff towards strangers. Though the breed can adapt to either city or country living, it should be given space to exercise and run daily.


Image: Wikipedia

The Leonberger is a giant working dog that usually has a kind of gentle disposition. This breed is known to connect strongly with its family and seems to have superb intuition when it comes to human emotions because of that the Leonberger can make great family pets and superb therapy dogs.

Great Pyrenees

Image: Pixabay

the Great Pyrenees is originally bred in the Pyrenees Mountains to guard herds of sheep in the early 17th century. These huge breeds have also become known as companion dogs and family pets. Though they may have quit the mountains, the Great Pyrenees are known to be night-dogs as they’re used to standing guard throughout the night.


Image: Flickr

The Newfoundland is an excellent swimmer. Used for pulling boat lines and nets on the island of their namesake. Newfoundland dogs are wonderful companions for families that live by the water or love to visit the beach. They’re affectionate and loyal. The Newfoundland gets along well with children and has strong watchdog instincts.

Saint Bernard

Image: Wikipedia

Saint Bernard are giant dogs with even bigger hearts. They will in general be delicate adoring family friends, frequently co-existing grain with kids. These animals are large and known for their tolerance, patience, and good nature. Saint Bernard dogs are incredibly big standing up to 30 inches tall. They’re endearing dogs that have gentle personalities and impressive work ethics.


Image: Pixabay

The Boerboel is a huge dog that is strong, muscular, and confident in appearance with powerful free-flowing movement. When looking at a Boerboel at player work moving or standing, all you see is suppleness, strength, agility, and nimbleness. The head is an impressive and distinctive feature of the Boerboel it should be blocky broad deep square and muscular with well-filled cheeks and in proportion to the body.

Great Dane

Image: Pixabay

One might say that majestic creature more closely then remembers a small horse than a dog either way the Great Dane is sure to stand out in a crowd, but it’s more than the appearance that makes it a great companion, these dogs are generally playful, gentle, friendly and extremely loyal.


Image: Flickr

Mastiff another huge dog of epic proportions. The English mastiff is a beautiful and confident breed who turns heads wherever he goes. Though these dogs are huge and seem beast-like, they are surprisingly gentle and incredibly loyal. Mastiff connects instantly with their families and adores being around people. This animal is great with children and makes an ideal family pet.

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